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Not much to say about this batch of textures – they’re just a variety of different woods; from trees, from floors, from baskets or walls … some from barns and others from old log cabins. A few include the chinking used between the logs. Most are photographic textures, but a few are created (like the “purple wood” and one of the wood strips). Some may not be what one would expect to find under “wood”, like the wicker ones, but they’re close enough I think to include them here instead of on some miscellaneous page. Many of these textures have a lot of detail, making them pretty useful in 3d rendering, and depending on how you adjust the lighting or what type of object you render them on, you can get a lot of different results from just one or two textures.

As with all the imagery on this site, they are free to use in your own projects (whether commercial or personal), but you may not redistribute them freely from your own site, you may not include them in collections of other textures, you may not claim them as your own work, nor sell them anywhere, and you may not link directly to the download – just link to this page please.



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