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Stone and Tile

This is one of the largest sections of textures that I’ve got. I’m thinking I should maybe have broken it into two sections, but hopefully it won’t get so large that I have to do that … although I’m already considering how I will handle that, because as I add new textures, it will slow down the pages loading, and that’s something I’d like to avoid (doesn’t make for a very good user experience when it gets too “heavy”). For now, they’re all here in one page because I’m still trying to get other images up on the site, and the time it takes to recreate new thumbnails, add the titles and then the alt text is more extensive that I thought it would be.

The thing is, there are so many kinds of rock, stone, and stone surfaces that even slight differences in shapes, shadows, colours and roughness can make a big difference when rendering these textures in 3D software – it’s surprising how much difference a little shadow or change in colour tone can make. And the fact that we’re located at the edge of the Canadian shield makes it pretty easy to find hundreds of different colours, striations, grain, shapes and types of rock or stone … I guess I can get carried away sometimes.

Some of the colours are absolutely beautiful when you see them glistening wet in the morning dew, or when the sun hits the the mineral deposits and they glitter like bling. In some areas here the outcrops are enormous, and highways are cut through rock so high that the channel between them is over 12′ in height. In some spots, the highways themselves have a pink tinge, with tiny bits of glittering mineral deposit because the aggregate contains ground up particles. I guess I’d have to consider myself lucky … we live in a province with a large array of differing terrains, and our surroundings are all natural!



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