Stone and Tile

This is one of the largest sections of textures that I’ve got. I’m thinking I should maybe have broken it into two sections, but hopefully it won’t get so large that I have to do that … although I’m already considering how I will handle that, because as I add new textures, it will slow down the pages loading, and that’s something I’d like to avoid (doesn’t make for a very good user experience when it gets too “heavy”). For now, they’re all here in one page because I’m still trying to get other images up on the site, and the time it takes to recreate new thumbnails, add the titles and then the alt text is more extensive that I thought it would be.

The thing is, there are so many kinds of rock, stone, and stone surfaces that even slight differences in shapes, shadows, colours and roughness can make a big difference when rendering these textures in 3D software – it’s surprising how much difference a little shadow or change in colour tone can make. And the fact that we’re located at the edge of the Canadian shield makes it pretty easy to find hundreds of different colours, striations, grain, shapes and types of rock or stone … I guess I can get carried away sometimes.

Some of the colours are absolutely beautiful when you see them glistening wet in the morning dew, or when the sun hits the the mineral deposits and they glitter like bling. In some areas here the outcrops are enormous, and highways are cut through rock so high that the channel between them is over 12′ in height. In some spots, the highways themselves have a pink tinge, with tiny bits of glittering mineral deposit because the aggregate contains ground up particles. I guess I’d have to consider myself lucky … we live in a province with a large array of differing terrains, and our surroundings are all natural!


Standard medium sized aggregate of the type used in construction.Crushed red gravel used for the infields in community baseball diamonds.Large chunks of pink rocks studded with gray.Large gray boulders and rocks with sharp edges.Boulders with light gray and pink striations and large cracks.
Cracked and broken chunks of boulder in darkish gray with lighter spots.Smooth rounded boulders.Black granite, sanded smooth and studded with shiny white and gold flecks.Large piece of black grained rock.Large piece of granite rock, mostly black and gray, with tiny bits of pink.
More rock, this one with more rough texture and well grained.Pink and rust tones with black stripes of stone.Black tiles with brown grout.Unique texture with a mix of copper, blue, white and rust tiling.Mixed and blended texture giving a rocky appearance with blue undertones.
Created texture with rough stone appearance in blues and turqoise.Blue is the predominant shade in this portion of smooth flagstone.Square etched design overlaying a mixed brown texture.Concrete wall foundation with brown pigment, and rough texture.Another section of the old concrete foundation, with white patches and cracks.
Small cinderstone blocks laid in a circular pattern.Chunks of large stone surrounded by broken concrete.Smaller stones embedded in old concrete.Blacktop type concrete texture.Large boulder with heavy texturing and large cracks.
Small crushed gravel, the type used for lining pathways and often used as screenings under gardens walls.Digitally created stone type texture.Mossy tones and texturing overlying a stone type texture with fissures and cracks - blended texture.Black and gold streaks and flecks create this stone-style texture.Just what the title says ... smooth, but dirty, concrete.
Digitally created texture in multiple shades of green resembling oddly shaped stones.Almost mosaic like, this digital stonetype texture comes in shades of brown, rust, taupe and beige.Part of a foundation from an old building using whatever stones were available in the field when it was built.Flat embedded fieldstones in shades of pink, gray and white.Gray and white textured fieldstone.
Created digitally this stonelike texture has small fractures over it's surface.Mixed and blended multiple rock-like textures in golden tones with brown and taupe.Digital texture reminiscent of many small stones, and although it's title contains gold, it's more of a coppy-penny shade.Heavily textured, this greenish gold design has pits, cracks and fissures making it useful for 3D work.Rendered texture of digital design, it has a stone-like feel in shades of greenish gold.
Large rocky outcrops in gray with black and pink striations.Overhanging rockshelf of pinkish granite.Smoothed stone with sandy texture in green.Green shades, shadows and stoneiness - good 3D texture.Green stoney texture that reminds me a lot of travertine.
Hard packed ground texture with stones and ridges.Dark gray and black stone texture.
Several types and colours of rock mixed into one texture.Very rough texture in dark navy black and brown.
Deep orange speckled granite texture.Painted texture of flat stones in whites and pink shades.Small pebbled stones in a 4-square tile.
Small pebbles set into concrete.
Small purple glass tile texture.Dark red, brown and rust coloured rock texture.
Gray concrete road or pavement texture.
Texture for rough clay floors in terra-cotta and orange tones.Veined green rock texture.Roughly textured dark red tiles.
Rock textures with blotches and streaks of rust.
A marble-like texture in shades of gray and tan.Seamles rock texture in rusted tones.Aucqua and gray natural slate textures perfect for victorian yards..Slate tile texture for 3D floor renders.
Brown and rust toned stone or rock texture.
A mix of wood and rock makes this unusual stony-wood texture.
Rough rock texture in various shades of gray and black.White floor tile texture for 3d.
Mottled yellow glass tile texture.


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