Miscellaneous Colors

Most of these textures started out as “something else”, and have been worked into the abstract realm as I fiddled around looking for something I liked – a couple of my favorites from this page are the gold/brown/black art deco design (3rd row, middle texture) and “Inner Storms” (same row, last in the line). Inner Storms is actually the result of a digital painting, which I printed on canvas. One other tends to draw me to it somehow – yes, I know I created it, but I’ve never really been sure why. It’s titled “Something Wicked” (sixth row down, middle texture). That’s an odd title but for reasons I just cannot fathom, after it was done it reminded me of the title of a a Ray Bradbury book (and later a movie) “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, hence it’s title. And no, I simply don’t know why it made me feel that way, but there it is … a peek into the mind of an abstract creator.

These images can be used in 3d rendering programs, game engines, as backgrounds, in collage work or other graphic arts and design. As long as you are using them within other projects and are not selling, or distributing the original images, you are free to use them for a commercial purpose. Please read the Terms of Use and feel free to ask if you have any question at all about using these.


Green and blue background with lights of pink and white.Light red and mixed colours with a woven texture.Fractal in turquoise, white and yellow with a slightly painted feeling.Blue, pink, and mix of white pearls adorn this fractal abstract texture.This texture appears to be tiny balls of purple and fuschia clumped together.
An abstractt texture of dark and light purple resembling fuzzballs.A back texture created from a photo of garden nasturtiums blended and blurred, and overlaid with written text.A unique gold, brown and black deco-styled background texture.Fractal background with golden yellow swirls and a heart in the middle.An abstract painting created from mixing paint and fractal designs in multiple colors.
Dark purple and black with floating bubbles and floral petals.Heavily textured, similar to stucco, this lighter mauve texture has bent ridges.Unique and interesting texture in shades of grown, turquoise, gold, white, and black.Chunks of square paint, as if dabbed off the end of a paintbrush in turqoise, melon, yellow, brown, and rust.Peacock feathers blended togother and overlaid with multiple colors.
Splotches of bright color on a black background - red, pink, green, yellow.A multicolor background with that 60's spin.Mixed colours that remind you of oil and water.Like strokes of paint on a wood background with texture cracks.Bright strokes and splotches of pain in mixed colors.
A muted purple repeating design on a black background - a seamless texture.A creased texture in purple and fuschia.A strange mix of of reddish purple with thin cracks and a cloudy overlay make this texture good for rendering strange world and planets in 3D.Streaks of red, orange, yellow, black and white with a slightly bumped surface.A light and dark mauve seamless texture with light and shadows.
A multicolor texture with a small design - seamless, for easy use.A seamless texture resembling a bargello pattern.Odd and strange with muted tones, this texture is covered with a web of cracks.A fractal background texture with a swirling motion in yellow, green, orange and white on a black background.Web like fractal in multiple colors with dots of light.
Squares of stained glass with their own textures in amber, red, green and white.A wide mix of color spots on concrete.Light streaks in amber, yellow, and white.Fractal with spiral curling arms in bright colors of turquoise, acqua, yellow, blue, pink and white.Background or texture in dark tones of red, green, black and some white with the feeling of movement underwater.
Small squares of blue, green, yellow and gray, combined to make one large square of mixed colours. This is a seamless texture.A purple texture of diamond shaped patterns - very similar to the argyle design.


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