Miscellaneous Colors

Most of these textures started out as “something else”, and have been worked into the abstract realm as I fiddled around looking for something I liked – a couple of my favorites from this page are the gold/brown/black art deco design (black with a cartoon-like feel) and “Inner Storms” (an abstract digital painting I created – this texture is only part of it). Inner Storms (the complete version) is printed on canvas for a dark, but modern wall design.

One other tends to draw me to it somehow – yes, I know I created it, but I’ve never really been sure why. It’s titled “Something Wicked” (black with flesh tones). That’s an odd title but for reasons I just cannot fathom, after it was done it reminded me of the title of a Ray Bradbury book (and later a movie) “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, hence it’s title. And no, I simply don’t know why it made me feel that way, but there it is … a peek into the mind of an abstract creator.

There is one texture which I like, but really is more of a background – it’s pulled from a larger collage made up of a photograph I did of garden nasturtiums. I manipulated the photo a little to pull out only the nasturtiums (with leaves and stems), and used that overlaying itself multiple times and flipping the image layers several times til it … “felt” nice. Not really sure how else to say that. Sometimes you just know when sometime is “finished”. Then I added a little grunge texture, and to¬†give it a final touch, added some old written text, which I faded before blending in the background. I liked the results – a lot. Enough that I’ve used it many times as a background for other tings.

These images can be used in 3D rendering programs, game engines, as backgrounds, in collage work or other graphic arts and design. (Oh, hey … you can also make interesting photoshop patterns from some of these.)As long as you are using them within other projects and are not selling, or distributing the original images, you are free to use them for a commercial purpose. Please read the Terms of Use and feel free to ask if you have any question at all about using these.



author: J.Gracey Stinson

Almost forgot – depending on what you are looking for, some of the other individual color pages might have something you can use in your project, or maybe the large backgrounds (there are some actual vintage paper backgrounds there – see below).


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