Metal & Rust

Many photographers and artists strive to not only create what’s in their mind’s eye the way they see it, but to make that creation unique, different, unusual.  Some artists use bits and pieces as inspiration, and often use backgrounds and textures to enhance their own work. I’m no different than any other artist, but most of the time I have difficulty finding something created by another that fits my needs – and when that happens, I go to work and create it. Most of the textures  can be used in 3D work/software, or 2D projects using graphics or photo editing software, and even work in the game creation industry.  Be sure to check the full size images for downloading. Many are photographic textures, and quite a few are textures created using photoshop.

Don’t forget to check the stock photos section and the .png section too – you may find more interesting textures and bits and pieces for your work in those sections.This page is primarily filled with rustiness, and with metal textures. As is my habit, some will be photographs of the actual item, some will be created in software entirely from scratch, and others are created by incorporating multiple other textures into one. When making these blended pieces, it’s really all about “how” you blend them, and what pieces you choose to combine. When you start playing with the textures, you could take three images, blend them together in different ways and come up with half a dozen different images, just using the first 3 you started with. These are not what you’d call pretty textures, but they’re useful in many ways (particularly the rusty ones) for the 3D/2D craftsman (or woman).



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