I love the outdoors, spending most of day outside during spring to fall, but huddling inside next to the fireplace during the long cold winters. I like outdoors, but I do not like winter, not at all. During the months I do spend time outside, I walk and hike, I garden, spend time at local beaches and parks and just generally enjoy the world around me, and where I live, there are a great many natural areas to explore. Even after living here for nearly 40 years, the areas I frequent still seem fresh and new every spring. We have natural wetlands that wend their way through the center of our town, leading out on either side to the edge of town, joining with the trails that lead through the surrounding townships. If one wanted to, they could walk through most of Ontario from city to city along these natural trails.

A lot of the natural textures on this page are photographic, and have come into existence because I simply can’t walk or hike without taking a pack and one or two of my cameras. For my own purposes, I find the sand, dirt and leaves textures to be the ones I use most often, but looking at the downloads for this section, the grasses seem to be quite popular for some reason. Probably the most downloaded textures from this page have been the cracked mud, and the moss tiled. The moss texture was created for my “Second Life” friend, and another friend who creates software games for pc. Hopefully, you’ll find something here you can use too. Keep in mind that these are tiny bits cropped from larger images, so to get the full effect of these textures, you really have to load the full size one; images such as “Orange Leaf”, “Green Leaf” or “Autumn Background” ┬áreveal their complete design only when viewed full size.


Barckground with a cracked but slightly woven texture using autumn leaves in shades of brown, autumn gold and green.Created and blended texture of green with gold and grown lieaves.Dried wide-blade grasses overlayed with autumn tones in orange and gold.Fall leaves in bright oranges and light reds.A carpet of fall leaves in gold, orange, red, and brown.
Oak leaves in autumn brown.Sandy beach in beige tones.Wet brown beach sand with footprints ... one bare foot, on shod foot.Abstract texture of  green leaves, and berry pink tones.Tiny stones in rusty-red of the type found in baseball diamonds.
An abstract texture that resembles waving fronds in the wind.Hard-packed dirt with small scattered stones.Wide blade dried grass.A farm field with cut furrows filled with frosted ice.Fall leaves in brown, gold, bright red and orange floating on lake water.
Field of grass with scattered leaves.Tall spindly grasses growing in beach sand.A field of green grass.Stone and sand in a gravel pit.Dark green grass of the type growing in yards.
Created texture with green and black background and lighter green leaves.Crushed red gravel used in baseball fields.A spreading, spiky succulent commonly known as hens and chicks.Striped hosta leaves with white edges and light green center.A texture designed to be used in 3D programs as a ground filler.
Jumbled bunch of drying hay.Patch of dried mud with wide cracks, making a good texture.Leaves in fall on the ground - autumn colors.Fall leaves on the tree in bright red and yellow with a bit of blue sky showing.Yellow and green leaves on the tree in early autumn.
Yellow leaves on the tree against a blue sky.Green tree leaves with blue sky peeking through.Beach sand with foam washed up against the shoreline.Very pale colored, and fine textured beach sand.Reeds in a marsh wetland reflected against the pond water.
Water with natural marshland growths.Wetland marsh with pond lily and water plants.Just another field of green grass.A pre-tiled seamless moss texture.Strange sponge-like moss texture in green.
Tiny shelf-like moss growing along a fallen log.Small and large cracks in dried mud.Vehicle window covered with splashed mud and rivulets of water.Fall leaves in rust, yellow and orange, overlaid with a secondary orange-toned texture.Deep red textured dirt.
Created texture of red, rust, and pink maple leaves.Beach sand with foam from waves.Wet sand texture.Hills of piled sand with dry rivulets.Damp beach sand texture with bird tracks.
Seaweed growing underwater in a bed of light silt.Created texture using fall leaves which almost resembles a shattered mirror.Zebra grasses with tall fronds and stripes.Leaves of the groundcover plant vinca, commonly known as periwinkle.


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