Gray and White Textures

I always find it difficult to create texture designs in basic colors like grey and white. I guess that’s why for the moment, this section only has a small number of files. I suppose it might be that the colors themselves are very plain, rather than bright and colorful, but even these basic colors can have their use for some types of graphic work. On the old site, these were mostly classified as abstract textures, and were included in the general abstract section. While breaking the files down in color selections, I realized how few of these colors there are in the collection, so I guess that means I have some work to do! For me, the problem is simply that grey hasn’t been one of my favourite colours, but the older I get the more of it I’m seeing. I’m starting to get used to some shades of grey, though I don’t expect this section will ever be huge, I hope to be able to grow it a little.

Some of these are simulated textures, generated with a lot of manipulation of other imaging, blending them together, pulling them apart and mixing it all over. You just never know what’s going to work and not work until you start messing around with it. I imagine if I were younger I might spend more time figuring out some of the texture software and learning to understand the math behind it but, meh, I’m an old girl, and this isn’t my full-time job. I enjoy it sometimes, and just like to share with others if I like the results, so here’s the little I have at the moment.



author: J.Gracey Stinson

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