Gray and White Textures

I always find it difficult to create texture designs in basic colors like gray and white. I guess that’s why for the moment, this section only has a small number of files. I suppose it might be that the colors themselves are very plain, rather than bright and colorful, but even these basic colors can have their use for some types of graphic work. On the old site, these were mostly classified as abstract textures, and were included in the general abstract section. While breaking the files down in color selections, I realized how few of these colors there are in the collection, so I guess that means I have some work to do!


Rock or mud texture in gray with black cracks.Abstract texture designs in light and dark gray.Somewhat marbled texture in dark grays and gray with bluish tinge.Texture with speckles that look like a laminate counter.Drops of water on a medium gray background.
Gray and white paint like stripes.Texture with a marble-like finish in light and dark gray and dark purple.Darker marbled texture in nearly black-gray and dark purple.Soft, blurry background texture in gray and almost white.A gradient gray background overlayed with open rectangles in white - rather a 1960s period style.
Swirls of white and off white in a soft texture.A light gray and white smooth texture that gives the feeling of a misty mirror.Seamless texture with jagged bits of gold on a light gray and white background.Bits of gold and lighter gold mix with light and medium grays in this seamless texture.A swirling sand-like texture in gray tones.
Not really a texture, but useful in some renderings, this batch of shredded white paper is a common sight.Shredded paper strips in white with small bits of pink and yellow.Not really marble, this gray and black texture with a pale mauve overlay resembles marble.This whitish and shaded texture resembles a faux fur (maybe rabbit?) so might be good for rendering use in 3D clothing.Rectangular, modular boxes in gray and white.
Multiple gray tones created and 3d-like diamond pattern.A gray patterned texture that could be good for walls.A busy design with sharp angles and multiple tones of gray and white.This whitish and shaded texture with loops and swirls resembles silk.This is a creamy white and shaded texture with blocks and splotches.
Mixed grays in a seamless texture.A gray patterned texture in multiple tones.A busy design in multiple tones of gray and white.Gray seamless texture in light and dark tonesGray seamless texture with grays in the background and black and white circles.
Seamless gray texture with mixed shades in light and dark grays.A gray seamless texture with a mashed up appearance.A texture similar to concrete in gray.Gray seamless texture with striped design.


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