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Many fabrics and textiles have rough or nubby textures, making them fairly useful in some design work. Even some of the clothing textures (like the leather, denim or knit sweaters) can be put to use in other ways. One of the reasons I first started photographing textiles was for a friend who designed “things” for sale in Second Life, like various bits of clothing, but he also wanted to be able to have a variety of life-like textures for using in his “shops”, so the textiles page was born out of a friend’s needs. Some of these might be good for use in backgrounds in many other applications.

Some of them are funky created textures, and some of them come from vintage clothing, like the mink textures. Yep, they’re real mink. My grandmother had a beautiful mink stole that was custom made for one of the “rich ladies” whose homes she used to clean. A few of them gave her their “cast-offs”, but I can’t even imagine how this would have been considered a cast-off. It was (and still is) absolutely perfect – even the lining and inside tag still look new. My grandmother took very good care of it, and it was worn on only the most special occasions. Myself … I wouldn’t wear it. I mean really … it’s an animal’s hair (er, fur). I just can’t handle putting that on my body. I even have trouble with real leather.

A sample 3D room rendering from Bryce.

A standing lamp and chair rendered in Bryce.Other fabrics are from old blankets and quilts, one is a from a beautiful velvet swing-style jacket which has a vintage look but is probably only about 15 years old (still have that too since it still looks perfectly new). I suppose what they say is true; when you buy quality products, they tend to last, and stay new looking longer. Some textures have been “created” using digital methods (like the basket weave fabric, the modern squares and lamp shade). Those (along with blue swirls) I have used to render a room in Bryce, and the results were fairly pleasing. The turqoise textures (blue swirls and modern squares) can be seen in the (low quality) render above, while the lampshade can be seen in the standing lamp at the left. Note that all the fabrics and textures in these renderings are ones I created (the area rug textures can be found on the carpets page). Although these renderings were done at a low quality, the final high quality renderings were much more detailed.


So, on to the textures!

Design from an Asian inspired window blind.Leather texture in beige.Modern design in beige and taupe.Nicely detailed design of leaves, berries and small flowers.Standard knitted texture.
Blue stage curtain texture.Angular folds of beige silky like fabric.Dark gray textured leather.Slightly smooth brown leather texture.Creased orange velvet texture.
Well-worn blue denim texture.Created texture with woven bands, somewhat like ribbon, in multicolour.Light beige faux suede texture.Floral design in pinks (mostly), with green leaves on black background.Funky and fun created texture with squares and bubbles in multiple colours.
Fuzzy plaid in dark green and white.Flannel plaid of dark green, white, yellow and navy blue.The lightweight bubbled fabric used in re-usable shopping bags.Back pocket design and belt loops on denim jeans.Front pocket design, zipper tab, and belt loops on denim jeans.
Front of a pair of jeans with zipper open, showing two dome button fasteners.Purple leaves and bubbles on a black background.Showing the texture of ordinary kitchen sponges in blue, mauve, yellow and pink.White lace texture.Lacey texture in beige.
Created texture for 3d tubular lamp shade in beige and white.Beige fabric used on outdoor furniture.Abstract fabric texture.Texture from a vintage mink fur.Fur texture of mink, from a vintage mink stole.
Modern design of blue, turqoise and acqua squares.Orange brown and yellow woven design.Large flowered design in orange, peach, and yellow tropical flowers.Oriental design with strong details like cherry trees and bridges; silver on black.This child like design reminds me of a cotton party dress I made for my daughter, hence the title.
Terrycloth texture from a peach coloured towel.Lace fabric with pearls woven into the design.Soft chiffon fabric, bunched up.Plastic cling designed to be used in window privacy in blue and green wavy design.Colored paisley print on black velvet.
Gold and ecru brocade design.Reproduction design of quilted pheasants, pomegranet and flowers on black background.Black quilted background with pink pheasants and flowers.Large poppy or peony on quilted pale green background.One of a variety of designs on quilted toilet tissue.
Just a red fabric.Red and white rib knit texture.Fabric with rust stains.Sheer fabric with rusty autumn tones.Wool from a shorn sheep.
Sheer green curtains.Striped tissue paper.Heavily textured sunflower dsign.Dark blue textured fabric with white swirls.Light swirls of blue and acqua.
Light beige texture.Deep tan textured leather.Dark teal woven fabric.Pastel stripes in a waffle weave pattern.Art canvas with textured gesso surface.
Created camouflage pattern with overlaid woven design.Waffle pattern design of the type used in long underwear.Scratchy, weathered brown fabric texture.Woven design similar to the style used in jesters clothing.Yellow curtains with folds.


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