Clouds and Sky

One of the things I like to do on a nice summer day is gaze up into the sky and watch the clouds; ever changing, moving, forming imaginary figures and faces … when the breeze is blowing watching the clouds is a relaxing time-waster. ¬†Actually, if you’ve got a camera in hand, it can be more than a time waster. Images of clouds can be so useful in the making of other textures, or to replace a sky in a great photo that has a bad sky. In short, I use photos of clouds to blend with other things to make overlays, collages, and other textures. Along with blue skies and fluffy clouds, sometimes storm clouds can be useful as well. I know some of these have been used in 3D imaging as well since a few of my friends have made use of them in their work.

There are three “created” textures, but the balance are really just photographic imaging. Two of the created ones (new world order) I have used to render “other worlds” in Bryce on a globe – they end up looking a planet with green and brown terrain, and blue water, maybe a little like earth when seen from space, but it’s obvious this planet isn’t earth. Now … shall I tell you what made that texture? I hesitate but … well, what it really is was grease in my frying pan as it started to cool! I changed the colours of course, but the shapes it made looked so much like land and water I tried it in my 3D program and was pleasantly surprised with the result.




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