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Carpet Textures

A variety of textures that can be used for rendering 3d design or in 3d games – some of these are hand-created area rugs/carpets, and some are photo textures of carpet. There aren’t very many of these right now; partly because on my old site they were combined with the textiles/fabric textures, but I’m trying to organize the site structure to be a little more user-friendly and make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

In the future, I expect I’ll ad more to the page but … well, not until I find a house that still has carpets! Almost all the houses we’ve been into lately have only hardwood or laminate flooring now, and not very many of them even have area rugs any longer. It seems that a lot of people are liking the cleaner look right now (that and maybe it’s just a lot easier to keep clean without carpeting).

I’ve got at least a couple of “real life” are rugs I need to dig out (see, even we put ours away because the wood is easier to clean than the carpets … especially when you have a cat) and get some photos of – interesting designs that may be fairly useful for rendering 3D designs with because they contain some bold details.



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