Brick Textures

The textures I offer for free use on this site are the results of my own need for suitable textures. I do tend to use textures and backgrounds for a variety of purposes – collage, photo backgrounds, sometimes 3D work, and occasionally as stationery.  My hope is that you’ll find them useful too. These brick textures have proved to be useful for me in many different situations, some for rendering in 3D (like Bryce and Daz3D, both of which I own), but some have been useful in making a blended background for a collage. Pretty much all of these (photographic textures mostly, but a few “created” ones) were taken in and around my home town, although two of them came from the town of Rome, Georgia … I’ll gather texture photos just about anywhere I go!

If you are a beginner, try creating some of your own texture files, starting with some of these and manipulating them into something different by using one of your own photos and one of our textures,  and then adding your own touches or creative process – from one free texture you could turn out three or four files for your own use. Make your own portrait backgrounds, use them for book or cd covers, create business cards or scrapbooking papers – be creative and have fun.

To download the texture files, click the thumbnail. The full size download opens in a new window. Right click, and select “save as” to save the file to your own computer.


Weathered brick wall circa 1890.Brick decorations with arches adorning the top of a round brick turret.Orange textured brick - modern make.Created brick-like texture with hot fiery finish, as if lit by firelight.Block wall of light tan or taupe cinderblocks.
Bricks of tan, brown a light taupe in a straight-line pattern.Small square bricks in warm browns and beiges.Bricks of brown with a "frosted" look.Teal bricks with a weathered look and black running splotches.Bricks with a heavy texture and heavy weathering - very worn and old look.
Small slate and granite non-uniform blocks hand mortared into a wall.Slimline bricks with an angelstone appearance.Created brick texture of mostly black and acqua blocks with a distinctly modern feeling.
Lightly colored angelstone brick wall.
A created texture useful for patios or ground in 3D rendering.
Small aggregates can be seen in this stippled block wall of a light reddish tone.Square block wall of uniform bricks in light gray.Mottled red bricks with olive green mortar.Created brick texture with different sized bricks per row and a grainy red texture.Flat stones piled to make a natural wall.
A stone barn foundation, overlaid with a red brick textured.Tan bricks with texture and white mortar.Penny saver bricks stacked so only the ends are visible.Non-uniform stone blocks used for pathways and driveways.Natural stones cut into multi-sized bricks and stacked without mortar.
Mortarless stone-brick wall.Stone blocks mortared with beige create a rough hewn wall.Smooth clay blocks in melon, tan, taupe, beige and olive green.Red clay bricks.Modern red bricks with light texturing and tan mortar.
An old brick wall painted white.
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