Blue and Green Textures

October 31st, 2013

Although you’ll notice I have classified some of the textures by color, not every texture in a specific color will be found on these “color” pages. Most of the textures classified by color are what I consider as “abstract” textures, which can be used for multiple purposes, like 3D rendering, backgrounds or collages. In some of the other texture listings (like stone, or textiles) you’ll also find some textures that might be green or blue, but I don’t consider them abstract. In the long run, I suppose you can use almost any texture for whatever purpose suits you, but hopefully understanding how they are classified on my site will help you figure out what section to look in. For example, in the stone and tile section there are a few textures that are “green” – stones that might be covered with moss or green wall/floor tiles. Sure, they’re green but they are recognizable as “something”, where most of the abstract textures aren’t recognizable objects.


A green fractal background with bubbles.A very unique fractal in green, white and gold with a modern abstract design which could even be used as a wall print.This paint-style abstract background or texture has a lovely soft feel in shades of mossy green, rust, white and pale yellow.Paint strokes in light and medium green with touches of pink and yellow.Fractal background of misty blue swirls renders well in 3D programs too.
Circles and swirls in blue and taupe make up this fractal texture.A green crystal-like texture composed of multiple fractals overlaying each other.Vertical smudged stripes in multiple colours focuses on the blue and green tones in this texture.An abstract texture in teal blue-green and black which could work well for marbling.This texture has large fluffy strokes in blue and white, and navy.
Blue stone-like texture with darker blue veins and rough surface.Thick swirling ridges make up this blue texture.Stippled yellow and dark green on a marine blue background.Royal blue and black misty blobs.Multiple shades of light blue with black cracks.
Rough, with a gritty texture this contains shaded hues of blue.An interesting blue and orange texture.Sky blue background with strange red and green vine-line structures.Soft and whispy clouds over blue.Blue and black deco-style designs.
Darkness takes over this image with it's dark blue and black design.Modern abstract designs in black and blue.Interesting texture of misty blue, white and rust.A medium marine or royal blue with darker waterspots make this texture useful for watery designs.Large brush-like textures in light to dark blue and black.
Light blue frosty texture.Dark shades of green and blue combine to give this a rock-like style.A misty, soft texture in green and blue.A marble-like design in light and dark blues.Heavy ridges and folds adorn this blue shaded texture.
Smudgy texture in dark shades of blue.A medium blue with a web of white.Shades of blue and aqua gives this a water like appearance, as if it were mixed with oil.Pain strokes of green and gold blended.A texture of soft blues.
Mixed oil paints in avocado green, orange and white.Dotted texture resembles comic style prints, with green and pink.A brushy green texture resembling pine branches.A strange blue with a moody feel.Blue and brown abstract with flashes of white light.
Interesting bow-like fractal background in green and burgundy.Another fractal in deep to medium blue with balls of gold and brown.The light to medium shades of blue combine to give this the look of frozen water.An abstract texture which sort of looks like furry pine in a light green.This odd gritty texture has a unique green colour which appears as gold in the right light.
Gritty, stone like texture in gray and blue.Mixed rocky texture in shades of blended green.Heavily textured greens with a rock-like appearance, overlaid with darker cracks.Texture with swirls and smudges of green and a misty feel.Spikes of bright green.
Horizontal ridges in greens and black.Interesting style with multiple shades of green and thin black lines.Shades of olive and multiple spinning circles.A green swirling fractal with black touches.Green tile like texture reminiscent of a kaleidescope image.
Gritty green texture with stamped circles. Looks a little like stucco.A design with tiny mosaics in green, aqua and black.Mists of blue and green - soft and flowy.Paint like splotches of medium and light olive green with a few yellow bits.This really is water. It's green because the reflections are of green trees and fields.
Green background stamped with hard black designs.Stucco or plaster texture in green.A green texture that reminds me a little of chopped up greenery.Funny little texture in very pale yellow, with green and touches of gray - looks a little like a cross-stick needlework.Background fractal is swaths of large swirls.
Very soft with delicate streams makes this blue suitable for a background.Fractal design overlaying apple blossoms.Shades of green, blue, aqua and teal make up this fractal background texture.Dark greens overlaid with fissures and cracks.Wood like texture in grays and greens.
Soft swirls of muted greens.A pitted green texture in medium to dark green.Rope-like streams of green color this fractal.Fun little texture with blue background and splotches that look like fuzzballs.A weave texture in teal green and gold.
Strange tone of greenish-brown with an art deco vertical design that resembles metal.Same art deco design with vertical folded strips in a different green.A grate design covered with green moss.Abstract texture with bright green and dark blue.Super short grassy texture in a the green you see through night vision glasses.
Another night-vision colored texture with a brick like appearance.Night vision texture overlayed with green grid.The same texture as dark pitted green, but in a light minty tone.Dark greens and black in an abstract design.Blue with a gritty texture.
Mixed texture in grays and greens.Texture design in green tones with a stirred appearance.Blue and black marbley texture for 3D rendering or tiling.Pretty gray and green marble style texture.A 3D texture of blue and green mixed swirls.
Muted tones of blue make up this quiet texture - good for backgrounds.A texture design with doodles of green and yellow.Painted pastel lines.Sickly greens and yellows ... somehow makes me think of something toxic.Strips of turqoise and black.
A watery, pool bottom texture.Texture of greens with an underwater reeds feeling.Blue and black with central ball of color and lighter blue starry blotches.Green and black texture with resembling coiled and intertwined wires.Seamless texture of yellowy green.
Bright lime green and black stripes.A smooth, but wavy lemon-lime green texture.
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