All free textures, png files, stock photos and photoshop brushes posted here for free download may be used in renders or as background tiles, in collage work, or remixed with other works, used as web graphics and backgrounds, whether for commercial purposes or personal use. Images must be combined with other work, or have significant alterations to the image to qualify for free commercial use.

Images may not be used for commercial purposes in a “stand-alone” manner and may not be reprinted and sold as posters, greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, shoes or other similar commercial products, or as framed prints.

Please note: graphic files may not be used for commercial t-shirts, greeting cards, mousepads, mugs or other products without sufficient change to the original graphic. Just changing the colour is not sufficient. Graphics must be incorporated into other work to be used in commercial products. Graphics may not be used for commercial logos without written authorization – please contact us if you intend to use any graphic for a business logo.

Images may be used to enhance other images for the above purposes, or as backgrounds for other images for the above purposes. You may not simply add text to an image in order to sell it or use an art filter – these are not considered “significant” alterations.

You may not redistribute these files; you may not include them in other collections; you may not sell these files (you may sell your renders or completed projects that use these files) and you may not claim ownership or copyright to these files.

PLEASE NOTE: some images may contain trademarks. Generally these may not be used for commercial purposes unless licensing or approval is obtained from the trade-mark owner. End users (ie: you, the downloaders) are responsible for ensuring they remove trademarks from images or obtain appropriate rights from the trademark owner. This site (Free-3D-Textures.com, Photography of Grace.com or J. Gracey Stinson) is not responsible for end-user’s actions.

Images intended for commercial use that contain people will require a model release. Most people images included on this site have a model release available on request. If you are a commercial user and require this, please contact us at Photography of Grace.com

Tutorials and articles contained on this site may not be copied and/or uploaded to any other site without the author’s permission. Tutorials contained in downloadable .pdf files may not be uploaded to any other tutorial site, nor uploaded to private servers for others to download. Please simply link to the appropriate page on this site to share the tutorials.

Attribution would be appreciated for free usage, and a link to this site (free-3d-textures) or Photography of Grace.com, wherever possible.

All works contained here are ©J. Gracey Stinson (Photography of Grace).

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