This round of textures is meant to be used mainly for rendering 3D rooms where a wall design is needed, but at least a few of them have actually graced some real rooms. Well, not exactly “real” in terms of a house a human would live in. For a long time I’ve been entranced by building dollhouses and miniature rooms – not the type children typically play with, but the variety that adults tend to have as showpieces. Over the years I’ve built a couple of wooden dollhouses, and numerous individual rooms or vignettes. Some were built as square rooms out of plywood boxes, but others used more creative “housing” … one of my favourites was an old gingerbread mantleclock which couldn’t be repaired. The wooden clock case was beautiful walnut with detailed carvings, and the glass on the front of the clock was embellished with silver filigree. I hung onto it for quite a long time, trying to find someone to repair the clock works, to no avail. So, rather than toss it in the junk pile, I took out the “innards” and was left with a hollow wooden case. I built two floors within that case, and some tiny stairs and proceeded to create a miniature world for some tiny mice. The inspiration for that was the old nursery rhyme … “Hickory dickory dock, The mouse ran up the clock”.

Anyways, I know this is getting way too long, but while building all these tiny treasures I needed to find a way to finish off the walls inside various rooms. Most ordinary “real life” wallpaper has prints and patterns much too large for inside a dollhouse – I like to keep things in scale. For me, the easiest thing to do was to create my own designs and finishes, and then print them off on paper. Voila! I have exactly the design I want, in the colour and scale I wanted. Dollhouse and Miniature shops (some hobby shops too) do carry miniature design wallpaper, but I would need to travel about 2 hours just to reach one of those shops.

I figured some of these might be useful for others, in more ways than using in a miniature world … and I suppose, in a way, the 3D world is a little like building a miniature dollhouse, it’s just digital instead of “real goods”.


Beige vinyl siding from the exterior of a house.Very textured ceiling plaster - whitish in colour.Yellow and green mixed texture with small sand-like texture which resembles a painted fresco.Green stucco and plaster with a heavy texture.Green and navy wallpaper with marbling over the green background and alternating sizes of blue stripes.
Smoother texture that resembles stucco because of the way the paint texture is stippled.Vertical 3D narrow blocks that resemble funky bricks in copper and gray.Textured ceiling plaster with swirls and cracks.Created texture that look like horizontal strips of wood siding.Old barnboard stained in a redwood colour.
Rustic bricks in a dark rust shade with shallow grout and smokey gray stippling.Created texture resembling board and batten siding in light blue/gray with brown stippling.Brown vertical siding texture.A plaster and stucco heavily stippled texture.Plaster ceiling texture with designs and patterns.
A texture resembling filled travertine or fresco wall in a terra-cotta shade.A vertical pattern in black and gray on white background.Copper and dark brown square and oval pattern wallpaper.Vertical pattern of tight elongated swirls, repeating.Vertical pattern in medium and light green, with a very light mint background.
Wallpaper pattern of circular designs rising vertically.Photo texture of white garage door.Creamy colour vertical siding with texture.Vertical wooden siding in white.Vertical wooden strips perfect for an old cabin wall.
Varying sizes of wooden blocks for walls, or maybe even floors.Designed for use in a dollhouse as a half-wall wood panel.