Vintage Views

Old toy cars and teddy bears.This week I’ve been taking a bit of a trip down memory lane – looking through some of my older stuff. In fact, some of it is really old from my very first digital camera. While the quality of some make them only suitable for small images to be used in blogs or as an illustrative add on to an article, they do contain some interesting pieces of history.

First up are these old toys – the volkswagon beetle and the truck are definitely old, while the jack-in-the-box teddy bear in velvet jester’s suit is a reproduction. The “box” is made of lithographed tin, and the music tinks just like an old one when you wind the handle to pop up jack the teddy. The other teddy is a beanie. Giving the whole thing a wash of brown colour gives it a nice vintage feeling. The image displayed here is a cropped version to make a smaller thumbnail, and full sized one has most of the truck in it.

Items from a vintage kitchen - baskets, jars and cast iron.
Next is another image washed in brown, this time from my old kitchen. This set of collectibles was displayed on the top of my fridge, so I had to climb a ladder to get this shot. A wallpaper backdrop of old books is thea display of vintage items including jars, tins and cast iron toys perfect foil for this batch of “fine things”. Visible in this shot are an old glass jar, and an old blender (that still works). In the foreground are two pieces of cast iron – these were pieces used by salesmen of the time as samples, and were used to sell the full sized item (not toys). One is an old cast iron cook stove with removable burner plates and a warming tray on the side, and the other is an old scale of the sort you might have found in candy shops – the metal scoop on one side and a round platform on the other where you placed the metal weights to balance the scale. Next to them is an old chinese style-teapot which is also one of my favourite pieces. There’s a couple of reproduction tins (ritz crackers and a pasta tin) and a two-piece story book set (not terribly old – only about 28 years old in fact) sitting on top of a 1950s tin picnic hamper.

Round woven sewing basket with beaded top.
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This old round sewing basket has seen better days. Made of finely woven strands of thin wicker and lined with pink satin, it was a ladies sewing basket from the victorian era. On top on either side of the lid are “handles” made from glass beads and brass coins. The center portion of the lid carries tied strings and a glass bangle bracelet, along with another string of beads. Inside you can see some thread spools peeking out, and some old chunks of silk fabrics in green and pink. The green piece has been hand dyed.

Vintage Inn in Georgia.
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In the commercial/museums Hearn Academy Inn – historic homebuilding section is this view of the front of an old historical home which is now the Hearn Academy Inn. It’s front porch is decorated for christmas with long swags on each of the front doors, garland and bows down the handrails at the front steps, and pots of pointsettia on either side of the front door. If you look closely at the large image you’ll notice a lighted candle in each window. This building is located in downtown Cave Spring, Georgia at the edge of the lovely public park area.

A display of vintage blue willow china in an antique kitchen cabinet.And one of my very favourite collections is this old kitchen cupboard filled with some of my blue
and white china – most of it is vintage pieces of blue willow, but the blue willow sausage dog is from the late 1950s, as is the large plate on the left. The two candle sticks in center are modern pieces that I just like – probably because they have an interesting shape and they’re blue and white. The large soup tureen in the middle was my mom’s, and she received it from her mother so it’s one of my most cherished pieces. It still has it’s blue willow soup ladle and the undertray. The cabinet is really two different pices – the bottom an old jelly cupboard (c. 1850) rescued from someone’s garage and stripped of it’s horrid pink paint. The top came from an old baker’s table whose bottom we couldn’t restore.

Til next time – happy blogging.