Vintage Photo Frames

November 3rd, 2013

The frames on this page have come mostly out of our family photo pile. To be honest, I don’t like to keep a lot of printed photos around. With today’s technology, storing your family photos on digital media makes it so much easier to keep hundreds or thousands of photos neatly, without taking up a lot of space. The problems that might come from doing that stem from the fact that in the future, will we still have a way to read that media? Back when I started keeping photos in digital format, it was the old hard floppy disc, then I move them onto the earlier CD format. From there I’ve moved a bunch onto the newer (more resilient) DVD storage, and now onto the SD or CF drives because those can be used in digital frames. I suppose it’s a lot like the old formats over the years; printed photos, to film slides, and home shot film; then home video … eventually there may not be any hardware capable of reading those older mediums. It does say something for the print medium I guess. As long as your old photos are stored properly, they may last for hundreds of years. Today there are many archival quality papers, inks, and glass available that will help preserve your older images. The problem with printed media, no matter how carefully preserved, is the danger that may come from fires, floods or natural destructive forces.

Luckily for me (and you), my pack-rat-dad tended to keep everything. We’ve got old films (movie grade and home made); old slides, and a lot of old photos that we’ve been going through. Some of the people in the photos I am clueless about – family members I recognize for the most part (even some distant family), but there are some (I suppose friends or co-workers) that I have no idea about. At any rate, my dad’s tendency to keep and store everything resulted in this page of vintage photo frames (either photographed or scanned). All of these are downloadable as .png files, with transparent space around the frame and in the center. As I find time to finish going through my  “old family stuff”, there should be a few more added to this page. On top of my own parents’ things, I have inherited a few more from aunts and uncles, and then … well, then there’s the boxes of stuff from my in-laws to start going through.

Okay, I’m sure you’re wondering … “why bother”. Well the bother is really just because I’m trying to put together family history records, and having some of the better pictures to go along with those records for each individual is (to me) rather important to have for our future generations.

Vintage polaroid frame with scratches and burn marks.Vintage frames from old slides.Vintage frame with dark matte and faux wood grain.
Frame from a printed photo, c. 1920s on beige textured board with brown borders and deco edges.Blue/silvery textured frame with small darker blue inner matte.Frame from an old photo which includes some of the grungy stains projecting into the photo.
Basic old photo frame from a smaller print.Frame from an old photo with small nicks, creases and tears.Frame with fluted edges from an old photo with some creases and marks at the corners.
A mid-1940s fold-over photo frame with art deco designs.Art deco designs on late 1940s fold-over frame.Brown and beige cardboard frame circa 1975.
Beige double-matte frame with brown deco designs from the 1930s.Gray textured double matte frame from the 1930s with deco designs.Unusual brown frame with arched window and art deco designs, circa 1927.
White frame from 1950s era print with ruffled edges.


Download Frames #25, 26, 27 and 28 in a compressed .rar file or .zip file.