Tools … they used to be considered a “man” thing, but in today’s world where the roles between men and women are mostly just a big blur, tools can belong to men or women. For some women, tools can be the bane of their existence; running around picking them up, finding them in places they shouldn’t be in, tripping over them; and generally her other half just having way too many of them. For some men, tools can be what they use to earn their living, for other’s, they might be “toys”, and for still others the necessary accoutrement for a hobby they love. For my husband … well, I honestly don’t know anymore. He had more tools than any man should ever need. Some he used, others … I still have no idea why he bought them.

Take the gigantic torque wrench – weighed a ton, came it’s own hard-sided carrying case and cost over $100. That’s one wrench people … just ONE. For the life of me I don’t know what possessed him. This thing is used by mechanics who work on large trucks (you know, like tractor-trailer sized trucks). My husband is neither a mechanic, nor a semi driver. I have no clue why he owned that thing, and it had never been used (just like a lot of his other tools).

After years of begging, crying, screaming and threatening, I finally got him to agree to clean out the garage. It was a bit of a problem since he was (at that point) stuck in a wheelchair, but I agreed to do most of the heavy work. It took a couple of weeks to get through it all. Accumulations of his own over the years; some he scarfed from my dad’s pile after he passed away; a bunch he connived from his dad’s garage when he passed away. Truth is, he didn’t need anyone else’s … he had too much of his own. He had four routers; half a dozen drills; can’t count the numbers of screwdrivers, wrench sets, sockets sets, he had multiples of most power tools like jigsaws, circular saws, sanders … nobody who saw this conglomeration could believe it. ¬†On top of the tools, there were tool boxes – many brand new with tags still on them. A lot of tools were new too, some still sealed in their original packages. The other thing I thought was weird was that the largest number of multiple tool sets were the types used by mechanics for fixing cars, but our vehicles have always gone to an expert when something needed done. Why he’d invest in all those sets (not cheap sets – guaranteed for life) for a skill he didn’t have was beyond my ken … really.

I have my own toolbox because I’m the Ms. Fixit type … probably got that from my dad. I’ve got a soft-sider tool caddy with the tools I use around the house … it’s pink (the tool caddy, not the house). The reason I have my own is simple … we could never find his in that mess of tools in the garage, and I kept my own away from him so I’d know where they were when I needed them.

Anyway … if you just came here for photos, you probably didn’t need to hear all that. Right now though, the photo selection is pretty light, and that probably seems a little odd, considering how many tools we still have. Once the site is totally up again, I’ll get around to providing more. Honest.