Stock Photos – Sunset & Sunrise

One of my earliest memories of holding a camera in my hands as a child began with a sunset. It wasn’t a terrific picture, and it was in black and white, but the silence of an early morning dawn, or the intense hues of a hot setting sun have always sparked my imagination. There are times, while watching a setting sun in a cloud covered sky … I find myself having “missed a shot” as I simply lose myself in reverie. One of things I discovered (as I’m sure lots of others have) is that some of the best evening skies actually come once the sun has dipped beyond the visible horizon. Sometimes, the orange or red glow throws off colours that can light the clouds, or reflect on a smooth lake for a long while after the sun is down. Some of the pictures I like the most have been shot half an hour after the sun has actually set.

The rising sun has similar properties, just in the few moments before the sun crests the horizon the sky is already beginning to show the light of the early morning sun, while the brightness of the sun is haloed just at the point where it will rise. A sunrise will often light the blue of the sky, then reflect white off the clouds, and orange or yellow will halo the landscapes and then, suddenly … a tiny crest of blazing sun peeks above the land and within a few minutes, the day has arrived in it’s full glory. I can’t even begin to tell you how many mornings – both winter and summer, I’ve spent down at our local waterfront watching the sunrise and the start of a new day. Winter mornings are different; the lake is often frozen or covered with snow, and it reflects both the light of the setting moon, and the light of the rising sun producing two different types of light, and it’s own fair share of shadows. I probably have hundreds of these types of images. Some are sold as prints locally, since many of them are shot in the town where I live, some have memories of a particular day or event attached to them, and some, like these below are just ones I love to look at!