Coloring Pages

November 1st, 2013

Colouring pages to download and print, or open in your own graphics program and colour them digitally. These can be used by teachers and homeschoolers for educational purposes, as well as parents just looking for printable pages for their kids. Most of these are my own work, sometimes using one of my own photos or a free-use photo ( as a reference, sometimes entirely from my imagination. I don’t use pages from printed coloring books, I don’t use trademarked characters (like those from Disney), I don’t use someone else’s online coloring designs, ┬áso you won’t find anything like that here. These are common every day objects turned into coloring pages for general use.

You can photocopy and distribute these in the classroom, but please do not distribute them from another website or online source.  Please do not hotlink to my images, or place a link on your site to download it directly from my server. If you want to share these with others online, just link to the page instead.


Alligator coloring page for kids.Coloring page with a bluejay, bird on it.A small bunny wearing a bow around it's neck - coloring page for kids.Animal coloring page with an elephant.Coloring page with a family of frogs - mom, dad, and baby.


Coloring page of a blank map of Canada's provinces, with no text.Coloring page of a map of Canada's provinces, showing the name of each province.A school bus coloring page to print and color.Numbers one to six coloring page to help teach kids numbers.Numbers seven to ten coloring page to help teach kids numbers.
Kids coloring page with a stack of school books, a tin of pencils and two apples.


Coloring page with two apples, and one half an apple.Coloring page with three bananas.Coloring page with one banana to print and color.Fruit coloring page with banana, pear, and apple.Fruit coloring page showing cherries with stems.
Coloring page with bunch of grapes.Coloring page showing a whole lemon or lime, with a single slice.Coloring page showing an unpeeled onion.Coloring page with hamburger - showing the bun, slice of cheese, piece of tomato.Coloring page with with a single, unpeeled orange.


Coloring page with a water pistol/water soaker.Tugboat coloring page.Simple coloring page showing a toy saliboat.Simple coloring page showing a toy tugboat.Coloring page with beachball, pail and shovel.
Coloring page showing a child's sand or beach pail and shovel.Beach and swim gear to colour: swim goggles, swim fins and a snorkel mask.Bath toys to colour: family of three cute rubber duckies.Kite coloring page with a kite showing multi-directional stripes, two stars and tail with bows..Coloring page with a set of teeth and gums.
Three tulips with tall stems and leaves to color.Coloring page with a set of smiling teeth and gums on big feet.


Printable coloring page with christmas bells and a bow.Three candles with a bow and ribbons to print and color.Coloring page with a cute Christmas Elf.A page with Christmas Gift tag templates in large size for children to color.Snowman and snowlady with a Christmas tree for children to color.
Coloring page with a cute Snowman face with stocking cap and Santa face, holding a Merry Christmas Heart.Coloring page with a decorative Menorah for Hanukkah.Coloring page with a clown-like snowman with straw hair and scarf, and showing front and back of snowman.
Halloween jack-o-lantern to color.
Coloring page with easter egg.Easter egg coloring page.Coloring page with easter egg.Easter egg coloring page.A coloring page with easter egg.
A coloring page with a large easter egg and bow in an easter basket.
A Pilgrim's hat to color for Thanksgiving.A fall pumpkin with leaves and swirling tendrils to color.Thanksgiving cornucopia (also know as the horn of plenty) with fruit to print and color.A thanksgiving turkey printable coloring page with Happy Thanksgiving.
A pot with growing shamrocks to color for St. Patricks Day


A young boy wearing winter clothing building a snowman.A girl wearking a parka and scarf riding a toboggan.Coloring page of a little girl pushing a doll carriage.Coloring page with a stick girl with pony tails wearing a dress.Coloring page of the traditional
A young teen wearing sweater, jeans and sandals and carrying a book.