Blog: 30 Places to Sell Your Stuff

Pocket planners and calendars with custom covers.Have you got a passion for art, photography, creativity, crafting, or design? If so, share it with the rest of the world by offering up your creations as sales items – today, you can sell your designs on everything from running shoes, phone and tablet covers, pillows, to fine art prints. So where do you do that?  There’s lots of cool stuff on the net, and some of them are places where you can list your work for sale, for free and earn a little money from cards, posters, artwork and other creative endeavours, or if you have a bigger goal, there are places that offer you websites to set up your own photography sales from your own website! For the crafter, there are sites that deal in … well, the “real deal” – crafts, handmade items, even your own framed paintings and prints. The options available in today’s market place are almost unlimited,  and if you are very ambitious you can set up your own bidding site, or sell your hand made items directly from your own website, accepting payment through online wallets, paypal, or when selling higher priced items, through

What list of sales opportunities would be complete without giving a list of one of the most popular types of hand-designed sales items? Tees seem to be always useful, since they are an apparel item almost everyone wears, and what could be better than on designed especially for the wearer?  Zazzle and Redbubble sell tees, but these shops below specialize inT-shirt with stick people designs. apparel products (not just tees, but hoodies, caps, etc.)

T-shirts are pretty much a standard form of apparel today, but these shops provide anything but standard tees. Take your own designs to create the most unique tees anywhere, and get them printed at any of these great sites.

PrintMojo – Hats, baseball jersey, hoodies, tees, tote bags – fabric items of all sorts.

Skreened – Mostly tees, but also bags and totes, and baby onesies.

Threadless – If you’re a t-shirt designer and haven’t heard of threadless … you need to go there. Now.

Spreadshirt – Printable apparel items.

Sell your work, buy other’s work, even get stuff free on some sites! From cool places to sell and display your work, to some awesome communities – this first set of links are some of the sites I really like, and use and have made friends in the ones with communities. These are the sites you’ll find referred to most often, probably because they are easy to use, and popular, and offer a variety of sales options.

Further down you’ll find a list of not so well known sites, but for those who want “more”, or want to sell their photography and printwork directly from their own websites, you’ll want to at least have a look at some of them.

Shutterstock – Photographers, digital artists, vector artists and videographers can submit their work to Shutterstock and earn an income on licensing their work.

BigStock Photo – Inexpensive stock photos to download (some free ones too) – high quality images for just $1 – $2 each. Photographers can also sign up to submit their own photos for sale.

Cutcaster – Video and image sales – upload your work for approval and get paid for when people license your images.

Crestock – Another stock-photo site where you can license your photos and other images for sale. Interesting design, and community.

FinerWorks – Ordering your own work on a variety of canvas styles and products from gallery mounts to cubes.

Redbubble  – Art, photography, graphics, cards, prints, etc. – excellent community for artists in many venues – digital art, graphics, illustration, Sample pillow from redbubble, painters, drawings and even some great exposure for writers and poets.  Sell cards, posters, prints – framed, laminated, mounted and matted, pillows, tote bags, skins for digital devices, along with several other types of hand-designed items, and get to know thousands of people in the Redbubble community. Not just forums, but groups, contests, places to learn, write your blog – basically a do-all kind of place. Good community and sales platform for anyone wanting to promote their art or writing.

The Untapped Source – Artwork for everyone. High-end prints from many up-and-coming artists of all types. Sign up free and get an approved account to sell your own work. This is a place where the staff offer great support to the artists, as well as to the customer.

Good quality for those who are looking to sell their own art work on canvas.

More Sites to Sell your Stuff

A few more interesting places to sell your own work, or buy the work of other peeps, or get free stuff from others to include in your own artwork – and these are well-known and popular sites that are used by hundreds of thousands of sellers and buyers.

Zazzle – one of the “print on demand” (aka “POD”) sites out there for those who want to design and sell a multitude of products, from mugs to clothing, shoes, posters and just about anything you can think of sticking an image onto.

Greeting Card Universe – Design and sell custom cards.

ImageKind – Good final products in the print range here – nice canvas, excellent framing and options for museum quality archival papers and glass. Worth purchasing and selling.

Art Majeur – Online art gallery for artists.

Deviant Art – A lot of useful options here – selling prints, providing free stuff, getting free stuff, promoting yourself. And has a great community.

Renderosity – A community and sales area for lots of 2D and 3D type work – awesome give-away sections for items to use in 3D rendering programs, as well as in photoshop, some great prints and posters for sale, as well as objects for use in 3D.

There’s always a lot going on here.

CafePress – Another site offering a variety of options for selling and buying – well known and respected by sellers and buyers alike.

Etsy – Offers the option to sell many kinds of goods – set up your own shop and sell your crafts, handmade items and unique creations.

Wazala – This doesn’t seem to be a fully free site, but the offerings are interesting and worth looking at for anyone wanting to set up sites for selling photography or art etc.

PhotoBox Gallery – Here you can setup free galleries, sell your work and photobooks, blog, sell prints, etc.

ArtWeb – Site for selling artwork – “real goods” as opposed to digital prints, but has a high regard among traditional artists.

Lulu – Produce books of all kinds; comics, paperback, hardcover, text, photobooks, magazine books etc. I’ve used Lulu personally – magazine type books mostly, though I prefer Blurb for my hardcover photobooks.

PhotoStock Plus – Stock photos, set your own pricing, bid for assignments etc. As a photographer, this one looks interesting to me and I’m going to spend some time having a look at it further.

Show Me Proofs – This one looks like just the sort of thing I’ll be wanting to expand my sales options for events: system for wedding, portrait, event and commercial photographers that can be implemented with a couple of simple scripts. Allows you to sell prints from uploaded proofs by connecting their shopping cart to your photos.

FotoMoto – Another one I’m very interested in – if you sell your work online but don’t want to handle all the printing/shipping/collecting details, this will be worth a look. They handle all the print, ship, payment details. PayPal account needed.

Ebay – Pretty much everyone is aware of ebay, but maybe not everyone realizes they can sell their own art prints through ebay. If your print and frame your work locally, you can list it for sale print-by-print on an ebay shop.

Amazon – Amazon is already well known for all types of sales, but self-publishers can sell their work here too, as well as real-goods items, like framed work or books.

Kijiji – This is a site for selling real goods, but where you can also advertise your services (photography, art, ghost-writing, or any other professional work). I’ve used Kijiji to sell antique china, a bow-flex and … yep, even my services as a wedding and portrait photographer. I’ve also listed and sold greeting cards and prints that I’ve ordered of my own work. Sales are mostly local, but if you are willing to ship, you can sell across Canada.  This is primarily a Canadian market, and Kijiji has local sites across Canada. So far, I haven’t had had any problems with the buyers I’ve sold to. Kijiji recommends local sales because you can meet the buyer/seller face-to-face.

Some resources for Artists and Designers.

Canva – Canva is a relatively new offering and has come up with something a little different, and somewhat unique when compared to other stock-typeInfographic designed using canva's online designer. sites.  For users, they offer a place to design online, without having any design skills or experience. Users can design everything from blog illustrations, to social imagery, and layouts for use almost everywhere. If you have a hankering to design your own infographics, this is the place you can do it. For free. The options available for free use are fairly extensive, but for professionals who want more, you can choose to use any of the paid products in your designs as well, and pay as you use them. Most are around $1 per use. Here’s where the sales come in. If you are a photographer, illustrator, designer or other image specialist, you can sign up for a branded account and sell your professionally designed components to users through the branded account. It’s quite different, but worth a look for anyone wanting to get in on a somewhat modern idea.

Blurb – Awesome book quality – choose hardcover, the highest quality print paper and a dustcover, design your own books and order or sell them online.

The quality of the hardcovers (as described above) is amazingly good. I’ve ordered some of these, tho have yet to try any of the softcover varieties.

So far, out of what I’ve ordered in the way of books, Blurb has come out on top.

Moo – Super selection of cards – from business to greeting to mini cards. Reasonable prices, fabulous quality. Impressive. I like them.

Photographer’s Edge – I love this place for ordering a mass printing of cards – like wedding invitations, Christmas cards etc. They have some other nifty photo products too.

author: J. Gracey Stinson
September 1, 2013