Metal & Rust

Many photographers and artists strive to not only create what’s in their mind’s eye the way they see it, but to make that creation unique, different, unusual.  Some artists use bits and pieces as inspiration, and often use backgrounds and textures to enhance their own work. I’m no different than any other artist, but most of the time I have difficulty finding something created by another that fits my needs – and when that happens, I go to work and create it. Most of the textures  can be used in 3D work/software, or 2D projects using graphics or photo editing software, and even work in the game creation industry.  Be sure to check the full size images for downloading. Many are photographic textures, and quite a few are textures created using photoshop.

Don’t forget to check the stock photos section and the .png section too – you may find more interesting textures and bits and pieces for your work in those sections.This page is primarily filled with rustiness, and with metal textures. As is my habit, some will be photographs of the actual item, some will be created in software entirely from scratch, and others are created by incorporating multiple other textures into one. When making these blended pieces, it’s really all about “how” you blend them, and what pieces you choose to combine. When you start playing with the textures, you could take three images, blend them together in different ways and come up with half a dozen different images, just using the first 3 you started with. These are not what you’d call pretty textures, but they’re useful in many ways (particularly the rusty ones) for the 3D/2D craftsman (or woman).


Large streaks of white, brown, and rust on black painted metal.A created texture with black paint, rusty tones and dark blue.A large bridge structure composed of heavy metal beams.A metal pattern styled after a chain link design.A created texture using dark burgundy with a distinctly metallic feel.
Basic gray corrugated metal used on industrial buildings with a horizontal perspective.Peeling blue paint interspersed with rust from the side of an old rusty truck.White metal side of a box truck studded with rust pick marks and peeling paint.A created piece in brows, fiery red, rust and bumpt textures.An interesting blended metal texture with lots of grain and vertical lines.
Photo texture of a white metal grade.Vertical ridges of gray overlaid with black smokiness.Photo texture of the scratched metal from a kitchen sink.The very rusty side of an old red metal boat.White metal ridges and bolts from the side hull of a boat.
Metal grate in rusty tones.White painted metal with fasenters and rivets from the side of an old box truck.A row of white painted metal rivets on white metal.Vertical perspective texture with rusty tone, vertical brick-like lines and smoky gray mist.Multiple layers of peeling blue paint revealing the metal underneath; from an old truck.
Peeling black paint with large blotches of rust.Scratches on a red metal boat, revealing the bare metal below.Verical red metal siding used in buildings.Dark red and gray splotches of rust.Mixed textures of rusty shades with brown and yellow.
Brown, rust and gray comprise the basis of this blended texture.Another blended piece with gray background and rusty smears.Heavily texture stone-like texture with lots of rusty tones.Chunky rust texture blended with sand-like finish.A swirled-blended texture with tones of rust, dark gray, and beig.
A stoney, ridged texture with light rust shades.Rust chips and streaks on painted black metal.Large rusted areas on gray metal.Rusty red barrel with large patches of deteriorating rust, makes this rust on top of rust.Dots, scrapes and patches of rust on white metal.
More white metal peppered with dots and patches of rust.A created texture with deep cracks and blended rusty tones.Pipe-railing with worn spots and rusty scratches.Rusted metal resembling the tin on roof on old houses.Diamond patterened metal floor plates with rust.
The rusty side of an old metal barrel - this is entirely rust, with almost no visible metal.The other side of the rusted metal barrel.Created texture with an abstract style with rusty tones and brown.Waffle-patterned metal floor plate entirely covered with rust.Weathered metal with smoky gray overlaid on the metal waffle-design.
A mix of other textures creates this mix of worn metal and rusty tones.Abstract rusty texture with pebbled surface.Rusty metal pipes, row on row.Vertical galvanized metal siding.A green and black abstract texture that looks like jumbled coils of thin wire.