Stock Photos: Children – Girls

This page contains free stock photos of girls – young girls, children in fact. These are simply girls doing every day activities: girls playing games, participating in sports, doing homework, and generally just having fun.  These kids’ photos should not be used in a derogatory way:  please do not make fun of them; do not use them for greeting cards or t-shirts without asking permission, and definitely do NOT use them in your memes or on any site that focuses on “fails” … these are children. I expect my visitors to respect these kids, and not hurt their feelings by using the images in ways that promote any sort of bullying or “putting down” of a child for whatever reason.  These can be used in educational sites, or in articles on parenting or to promote kids feeling good about themselves. The world has enough nastiness out there for kids, lets promote good feelings, and self confidence instead.

GIRLS (children)


Young woman hugging a little girl.