Picture Quotes & Sayings

Life has a way of teaching us things when we least expect it. Some of those things stick in our minds until we put words to paper, and sometimes, others far greater than us have shared their own thoughts on the nuances of life.

Daring to create whatever you want.

Inspired artists dare to create whatever pleases them, and don’t always strive to please others. Realizing our dreams, whether it be within a work of art, or in our day to day life is what makes us unique – different from others. Be an artist. And dare.

People leave imprints in our life.

People will come and go in our lives – whether it’s friends or family, we have them for a time. Make that time count. Every person leaves a little something in our lives – an imprint that lasts. How you treat those little treasures makes a difference. Once they’re gone, those become the memories that comfort us.

Curb your entitlement.

Entitlement issues aren’t just for the rich and famous. We can all have those moments when we feel like the world owes us, just because. I have to agree with Donny’s sentiment. Nobody is entitled to anything. What we have; what we acquire; what we become – we need to work for those things, and if we’re lucky enough to obtain what we strive for, we need to be thankful, rather than feeling entitled.

Good deeds go a long way.

In a world where both good an evil exist, good deeds can go a long way towards restoring faith in humanity. Good shines brighter, and lasts longer. Resolve to do a good deed today.

Embraqing life's changes.

Learning how to embrace the changes life throws at us can be hard, but if we push forward, they can be rewarding too.

 Life in a garden.

In the garden, everything has a purpose. So too in life can we a purpose for living every day. Live your life with purpose. Make it count.