Picture Quotes & Sayings III

Picture quote on winning and character bui8lding.

Fighting for what you want builds character, and strength, as well as integrity and self-esteem. Keep it honest.


Changing how you live your life.

You can’t go back and fix the things you didn’t do right, nor change the things you wish hadn’t happened. You can only work on changing your future by looking forward to tomorrow with a different attitude.

Putting your all into living a good life.

If you spend all your time wishing for more out of life instead of working on putting more into life, you won’t see much change. Put more effort into life when you want more out of life.

Picture quote on changing your future.

If you expect to change your future, you need the desire to do it. Without desire, you won’t put out the effort needed to make those changes.

Appreciating others in life.

As you get older, you learn from experience that all the people we love and share our lives with aren’t going to be there all the time. Take a few minutes every day to appreciate someone – let them know before it’s too late.

One of life's universal desires is hope.

Hope. It’s one of the universal desires.