Home Interiors – Free Photos for Bloggers

Today a bunch of photos of home interiors. Not fancy home interiors, just the kind of places we all live in, and at that, it’s mostly shots of furniture, or flooring or accessories. I’m not sure how useful these will be, but possibly of some use to home renovators and decorators, maybe even those who blog about interior design. Anyhow, it’s what it is for this issue.

Modern black leather sofa.

First up a black leather sofa (isolated on white background). This is a beautiful, modern, contemporary black leather sofa with clean lines, high quality leather, and a slightly retro feeling with it’s slightly curved wooden legs. And it’s mine – I love this sofa. Leather cleaner and conditioner keeps it looking like new. Even now, the cushions don’t sag or look compressed at all. It’s in essentially the same shape it was when we bought it. Worth every penny!

Here’s the sofa in our livingroom. Well, in our old livingroom. That house was built c.1890, and it seems the folks who bought it from us ended up tearing it down to build a parking lot instead. That’s a shame. The house was directly across the street from the hospital, and they really need more parking, but is so awful to see an historic home torn down to make way for parking.

Vintage living room design with modern touches.

The tables are iron bases with pine tops, and the flooring (you can just see a little) is the original hardwood floors of the house. The candle holders on the table are iron too, in the shape of fish. A little on the funky side, and although they were inexpensive, I was drawn to them from the first time I laid eyes on them. I’ve no idea why, they just appeal to me. Oddly enough, at a local shop they were marked down to $1.99 when I bought them.

Long narrow living room in a modern home.The lamp in the back ground is an antique/vintage piece, we think from the art deco era. It’s base portion is brass and green marble (real marble) and just has a wonderful balanced design. When we found it in an antique shop it was, literally black and very dirty. It’s beauty was well hidden, but there was something about it’s form and shape that appealed to me. The shade is stained glass, which I made myself because there was no shade.

This is the livingroom in our new house. It’s smaller size, narrow shape and open concept make it more difficult to arrange the furniture, and there really is only one wall suitable for the sofa (the wall you can’t see). Here, you see some of the same furniture from the old house – the table, corner fireplace (sorta dark back in the corner there), but a different area rug in black, gold and taupe, and a new small footstool with bronze metal legs and faux suede top in tan.

Technically, this isn’t a “home” interior. It’s part of a lobby seating area in a hotel. This one has a warm inviting feeling; with it’s matching “country plaid” wing-back chairs and Queen Anne Style console table, it has a casual warmth that makes it seem a little more “homey” than the average lobby.

Warm light on wingback chairs in a hotel lobby.

Laminate wood floor texture.

AboveĀ is the wood flooring we installed in our new house – in the living room. Well, it’s actually laminate flooring – a very high quality which makes it difficult to tell from “real” wood. It has a beautiful rich colour, and nice solid feel. It’s easy to clean, and difficult to mar. Love it.

Small den or tv room with vintage pieces and a comfy leather recliner.

A small home den/tv room; this was another of the rooms in our old house. It started off as a guest room which we eventually converted to a small den/tv/sitting room with a sofa-bed, a vintage military ammo box of ash, a modern brown leather Laz-y-boy recliner and a tv. The table lamp has a modern shade, but the base is very beautifully carved hardwood (c. 1950s) – black walnut as a matter of fact, with a dark finish, and originated in Italy.

A vintage style bedroom – this again is from the old house. Some of the pieces in this room were a little more modern (night table from Ethan Allen, c. 1960s), and the hand crafted oak cabinet on the far side of the bed (c. 1920s), and the lamp with is thoroughly modern, but the bed itself is authentic victorian brass headboard and footboard, and weighs a ton. The bedding, though modern, finishes the room off.

Vintage bedroom sporting a victorian brass bed.

And, the last picture up for today, the increasingly popular “home office”. In the world of today, almost every home has a home office set up Modern home office with metal and glass desks.somewhere – whether it’s a room of it’s own, or a small corner, almost everyone is looking to make a space for their office “stuff”. This one has a room of it’s own – mostly because it’s used for business purposes. New modern glass and metal desks, black office chairs, and two complete sets of office equipment.

On the other side of the room is a low 2-drawer black filing cabinet which looks a lot more like a piece of furniture (or a credenza) than a filing cabinet. On top of that sites a large, wide carriage pro style printer for printing canvas and art paper prints. A view out the front window helps make the office feel a little more friendly.

Large round chair for relaxing.But I’ve recently (2012) changed the room and it’s furnishings. While I love the glass topped desks, they were annoyingly difficult to keep clean. And after upgrading my computer system, no longer needed two desks. Now I have a simple dark cherry coloured desk, with narrow credenza beside it (under the window). I still have the black filing cabine, and a small black cabinet with glass door (holds some of photography equipment) and on top of that sits a 42″ TV. Across the room is a very, very large round chair, padded in gray and black leather (very comfy – holds two people sitting, but one person can sleep comfortably in it). Times and needs change, and now, my office serves a dual purpose for me – it’s my own little haven.