Blue and Green Textures

October 31st, 2013

Although you’ll notice I have classified some of the textures by color, not every texture in a specific color will be found on these “color” pages. Most of the textures classified by color are what I consider as “abstract” textures, which can be used for multiple purposes, like 3D rendering, backgrounds or collages. In some of the other texture listings (like stone, or textiles) you’ll also find some textures that might be green or blue, but I don’t consider them abstract. In the long run, I suppose you can use almost any texture for whatever purpose suits you, but hopefully understanding how they are classified on my site will help you figure out what section to look in. For example, in the stone and tile section there are a few textures that are “green” – stones that might be covered with moss or green wall/floor tiles. Sure, they’re green but they are recognizable as “something”, where most of the abstract textures aren’t recognizable objects.

Some of the fractal files, and photographic files may also be available in larger image sizes, but if you have a need for them, you’d need to contact me and I’ll email you the larger file. As always, please check our terms of use.