Stock Photos – Animals: Farm & Wild

A small selection of farm animals and a few wild animals – small because, well although we have a lot of farms here, they’re most often just horses and cows. We don’t have a lot of pig farmers, and those that raise chickens and turkeys are commercial, so the birds are housed in long, long barns.  Any local farms that have pigs keep them close to barn, so they aren’t usually out running around the fields like the cows and horses.

We have our share of wildlife in this area, some red foxes, wolves, deer, moose and bear, along with smaller animals like groundhogs, squirrels, chipmuks, even moles. Smaller still are things like frogs, toads, turtles and snakes. Running into the larger animals isn’t all that easy; the red foxes are becoming a little more visible, but wolves shy away from humans most of the time, and moose are found rarely in the areas where there is a lot of human traffic and motor vehicles, although it does happen from time to time. So far, I haven’t been lucky enough to catch one. Bear are becoming a little bolder here, but because we live right in town, they aren’t something you see wandering around the streets of town.

I have actually seen a couple of bears – a cub running across the highway, but we were going t0o fast to stop and get a shot, and then a large bear (seemed huge to me) in the small backyard of a friend’s house. We were visiting friends up in South Porcupine (near Timmins). One evening just after dark we heard a commotion in their yard and went to see what the noise was. Opening the back door, there stood a bear, whereupon we slammed the door and ran for the men. The neighbourhood quickly became aware of the bear, as it traversed through other nearby yards.  I’ll admit that I definitely wasn’t brave enough to stand in the open back door to try and get a shot of that bear … besides, it was very dark and it was moving. Last thing I’d want to do is annoy it with a big camera flash.

We do have a local farm that raises … um, rather unusual animals that aren’t really considered farm animals, and since they’re raised on a farm, they aren’t wild either. Passing by Big Curve Acres as we drive along the highway, at times I’ve seen llama, and oxen, as well as buffalo, and they raise and conserve some of the rarer and endangered animals, including some breeds of horse, cow and goat. One of these days, I’ll go out with my camera.