Stock Photos – Accessories

There’s an old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I suppose that might still be true for some men, but what about women? Ah well, some say diamonds, some say love, still others say money. Maybe all of that is true. Most of the women I know love accessories, and the more of those they have, the more options they have for spicing up an ordinary outfit. Okay, I have to say that although I’m a woman with her fair share of accessories, I’m not really into the fashion scene. Oh sure, I like different styles and colours and don’t mind getting “all dooded-up” every now and then, but truly … when you get to my age group … comfort becomes all encompassing for daily wear. My comfort stuff every day varies between jeans and yoga pants … nice yoga pants. I prefer the ones that don’t look athletic, but fit well and look a little dressier (go find yourself some at Reitman’s). And mostly, they’re black.

Black, like three quarters of my wardrobe. Yeah, I don’t know why but black is my non-colour of choice. Goes with almost anything, goes anywhere, you can wear it anytime. Sure, I have a few other colours, but mostly for tops. I like plain over patterned too – no florals, no granny prints, no stripes. Well, I do have one shirt with vertical brown pinstripes but it seldom sees the outside of my closet. I guess I’m a “plain Jane” … except when it comes to the accessories. Not a huge fan of belts, or too many scarves but give me nice pieces of glitter and I’m happy. It can dress up anything. I guess I have more than my share of rings (some due to inheritance), and chains, and earrings … but I’ve also managed a fair collection of costume jewelry, much of it being older pieces from family. Not everything here is mine, but a lot of it is. The only thing is, when you sit at your computer for 8 hours a day working in your little home office, exactly how much of this do you need, or do you even wear it? I don’t very often … something in my ears every day to keep the holes open, but everything else is left in their boxes for “going out” days. Sad but true. Even worse … “going out” days ┬áhave been very limited in the last few years.