Water, Snow and Ice

Living in an area that is subject to winter weather (often for periods as long as six months – and that just sucks!) means one actually can put together a lot of stock photos, or photo textures of snow and ice. However, the vast majority of those images are in the winter landscapes section (er, will be when the site is completely revived). There’s a few here, but not all that many of snow and ice.

We also live smack dab in between two lakes, have numerous rivers and smaller land-locked ponds here, so water is plentiful. This area is known for it’s lakes, and it’s boating and fishing and a lot of residents own boats; whether the small fishing kind, the speed boat type; or just canoes and kayaks – we spend a lot of time at or on the water. There’s not a ton of imagery in this section, but you’ll find more water in the spring and summer landscapes section (also when it’s loaded – not yet though). Some of these textures are digitally created, but most are photo textures … it’s rather easy to produce photographic imagery considering the fact that we’re surrounded by water.


An oily surface digital water texture.A digitally created ice texture in acqua blue.An ice texture created for 3D rendering with shades of dark blue and gray.A dark water texture with crusted dirty ice on top.A water texture showing smooth stones from a lake bottom with swimming fish.
Foaming water texture from the bottom of a waterfall.Water texture from an area of rapids showing the wildly tumbling foamy water.Rocks in water ice - 3d Texture for rendering.Texture with Leaves floating on clear water showing underwater stones.Water texture showing minnows and rocks under clear water.
Blue lake water texture with small waves.A digitally created water texture of deep teal and gray for 3D rendering.Snowy ground with bits of leaves and dirt.A snow texture showing a field of snow with cat paw prints.Lake water with small rippling waves.
Lake water texture with rippling waves from a windy day.Lazy waves on lake water.Rippled texture from water.Black and dark acqua digital water texture for 3D rendering.Smooth river stones under clear water ripples - digital texture.
Texture with clear water in circular ripples showing the small, smoothed river stones below.Big foamy water waves - white caps.Large swelling waves on a lake with white foamy caps.Smooth water texture of lake with clouds reflected in water.Big white foaming water splashes over blue lake water.
Blue lake water with splashes of white foam.Foamy water trail from a boat motor on blue lake water.White foaming splashes and drops of water from a boat's trail.Texture with large white splashes of water.