Blogger, Google Images, and YOU

Blue glass vase with gold decorations and blue floral arrangement.Today we’ve got a little bit of just about everything with no particular theme in mind. I’ve just been going through my stuff and found a few things that might be useful to some of you bloggers.  These pics are smaller than print images (about 900 pixels on their longest side), but still very suitable for blogs, and even for website designs. Keep in mind that while you can use these on any of your blogs/websites, you may not upload them somewhere else to give away. We’ve discussed using free images a few times here, but did you know that you just can’t copy images from other people’s blogs or websites (or even facebook or search engine image searches) without asking for permission to use them? At least, you can’t unless the blog or website owner has stated somewhere on their site that you can. Unless the owner of the image is willing to allow you to make use of it, then just copying their picture or image might result in you receiving a DCMA (Digital Copyright Millenium Act) notice to take it down. For the most part, if you comply with the notice to remove it, the majority of people will just leave it at that, but there are some (large companies, and several groups designed to protect the copyrights of others, movie studios, music labels, etc.) that might insist on collecting a fine, which can sometimes be levied against the person who innocently grabbed a photo or image to use, without asking (read about this poor blogger who ended up with a large fine to pay, and this content provider who ended up paying $8,000 in copyright fees + $3,000 in legal fees).

As you can see from reading those two (of other similar stories on the web), using a picture you don’t own can be costly, even though it might take theWhite baby booties with bells on the laces on a pink background. image owner a while to realize that you’ve used their picture with authorization. Eventually, it could very easily bite you in the pocket book. That’s one of the reasons I share photos for bloggers to use. When you write an article, the article is what’s important – at least when you write your own (and don’t copy others, because copying other people’s articles can result in fines, just the way using others’ photos can.) The picture or image is just a way to illustrate your article; something that represents the idea in your article, or is used to show a visual of something you talked about in your article, like a chart, or budget sheet or even … baby booties.

White leather baby boots on blue background.These next couple of pics might be useful to someone – a pair of baby booties on pink or blue backgrounds. These booties belonged to my cousin’s son (c. 1974) so although they aren’t exactly “antique” they are sort of older. I used to have the booties and first shoes from each of my own daughters, but once they grew up and had their own kids I passed them on to them. Their first shoes were rather different than these, though they did have the standard white booties – they were “hard” booties rather than soft ones though, and their dress shoes were tiny patent leather (black) with roses embroidered; their everyday shoes were a pair of authentic (not made in China) native moccasins. Times have changed though, and you can find baby shoes in all sorts of designs now…still, the sweet white booties are a long time favorite.

The balance of the free photos for today are just a mix of things; a few pieces of porcelain and glass that belonged to my aunt, and a few other things some bloggers might have a need for to illustrate their articles. Have fun folks.

(To download any image in this article, click the image to get the larger version, and right click the larger image, then select “save as” and save it to your computer. Don’t try to hotlink them as they might be moved, and you’ll end up with a blank spot.)

Soft focus image of heart shaped candies and candles, for valentines, some in black and white, some hearts highlighted in red.

 Glas bowl of strawberries and one of whipped cream.
 Vintage red farm tractor on white background.
A lighted storefront.
Oriental water jug with Japanese designs.
Wouldn’t you rather know that it’s okay to use the images you have in your blog, instead of wondering if you might find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit one day? Scary thought, isn’t it?