Red and Pink Textures

More abstract textures in a variety of shades from deepest blood red to bright fiery red and hot party pinks! Reds are so useful in design; if I had to admit it, the red and black textures are the ones I find that give the most “punch” (or “bang for the buck” if you prefer, though in this case they’re free … so, no “buck”). Their boldness makes them useful just as backgrounds, but blending them with other designs or rendering them in 3D can give results you might not expect. If someone were to insist I pick just one from this page as a favourite, I honestly couldn’t do it. Mixed Nightmares is one I use a lot in other work; second choice would probably be “Red Texture 105” … after that I don’t know. Almost all of the numbered reds (Red 23, Red 112) are in frequent use for my own projects.

There are a large variety of 3D, graphic and photographic textures available here suitable for all needs. Some are small and seamless, some are large file-high resolution images. You’ll find painted textures, graphic textures and photo textures scattered throughout the different texture categories. Stock photos are also available for your use in your projects and creations. Have a look through the wide range of photographic images, or check out the .png files. PNG files are saved on a transparent background, making them very easy to use in other image projects or designs. These high resolution photography textures can be used as backgrounds for many of your projects, including printable greeting cards, e-greeting cards, scrapbooking, and commercial greeting cards.