Black and Brown Textures

November 1st, 2013

There are a large variety of 3D, graphic and photographic textures available here suitable for all needs. Some are small and seamless, some are large file, high resolution images. You’ll find painted textures, graphic textures and photo textures scattered throughout the different texture categories. Stock photos are also available for your use in your projects and creations. Have a look through the wide range of photographic images, or check out the .png files.┬áThese can be used for rendering 3D designs and objects, used in creating games, for backgrounds in various projects, in collage work or other graphic arts and design. Separated into categories and sometimes (like on this page) into colours, to help you find just what you are looking for.

If you never used a 3D, graphic editing or animation programs, you might want to try some of the free ones available – but they can have a bit of a learning curve to get started. Some suggestions would be Blender (open source software), Daz Studio (free version), SketchUp (free version from Google), Art of Illusion (open source). There are plenty other free 3D software programs available for the beginner to start out on, but some are less well known than others. I think for someone just starting out, it’s probably a good idea to pick one that has a vibrant community or help forum so that you can get help from experienced users. I know, for example that Sketch-Up users help each other and have multiple communities available on the web, like this one: SketchUCation, or like the Sketch Up community available on Google +. Blender also has numerous communities and help facilities, like Blender, or the Blender Community on Google +

NOTE: To download, click the thumbnail and the full size image will open in a new window. Right click the image, and select “save as” to save it to your computer for your own use.


mixed abstract texturemulticolor abstract mixed texture with black and brownA defined background with black, red, yellow and white designs.A seamless texture in black and yellow coloringA seamless mixed texture with black and yellow elements
Texture of brown blotches with abstract designs.Black and gray texture with bright red beads.Gold and amber shiny texture, good for backgrounds or other texture uses.Bumpy rock-like texture in beige and tan, with dark brown spottingA small seamless abstract texture in shades of beige, tan and brown
Black based marble-like texture with shads of pink, mauve, and brown.Dark abstract texture with a black background and dark purple and blue.Black and gray background with 3D squares.Seamless brown texture with softer blended light, medium and dark brown tones.Medium dark rock texture in shades of warm brown.
Soft, swirled textured in warm brown with medium shading which would work nicely as a backgroundOriginally a stormy sky, this texture was converted into brown shades and works well as a 3D texture for landscapes or skies, and even some rock types.Black background mixed with dark gray, dark brown and some blue speckles could make this texture useful for counters or 3D renderingThis blue and brown texture has a 3D tunnel effect, and was in fact created and rendered in a 3D software.A texture resembling paint strokes in dark brown and nearly white.
Dark reddish-brown texture with thin black cracks.A light brown and dark tan texture with triangular panels in a zig-zag pattern.Rather unusual texture design with multiple hues of brown and tiny bit of green, broken into chunks.Concentric circles in multiple colours on a black background.This tan and terra cotta brown texture has a tiny pebbled look resembling stucco.
A seamless texture of dark cream and brown resembling stone.This cream and warm brown texture has a look that would work as marble.This brown coloured texture has a slighly blurry feel, much like wheat, waving in the wind.Multiple colours of black, brown and dark cream blend together to create this texture that looks like tortoise shell.A fractal background texture with flowers in bright shades of pink, orange, yellow and turqoise on black.
Warm brown with a darker brown spattered effect gives this texture a well-worn grunge look.This texture was taken from old photo paper and has a nice light grungy appearence, suitable for a vintage backgroundA dark brown and green, with black over a rocky texture make this useful for ground or stone textures.A unique modern texture with blended shades of brown, and covered with a smoky overlay.Marbled texture in beige tones.
This mottled beige texture has been used in 3D rendering for carpet.Busy marbled texture with orange, warm brown, and dark brown.Reddish brown texture about the colour of a dark cherry stain with wide ridges.Wide, smooth siwrls in shades of dark rust and terra cotta.Seamless texture in a black mix.
Mixed stone and marble texture is different shades of brown and tan.Orange, brown and cream marbled texture.A seamless texture the colour of sand, that resembles sand.Dark brown mottled texture with a sandy feel.A seamless texture is shades of rust.
Another texture that looks like, and can be used as sand.Woven tiles in dark beige and dark brown give this texture a tiled appearance, and it's also seamless.A woven texture in tan and black.An unusual texture blended like paint in black, green and orange, with a rather shaggy appearance.A tan texture with a marbled look.
A mixed texture of taupe and pinkish-taupe gives this a kind of stirred the pot look.Black and white texture with a techno feel.Wrinkled newsprint, without the print.Black and white stripes with square designs in between.Black and white seamless texture with deco style designs.
A mixed stripes texture of dark and light brown, which resembles chocolate velvet.Black and white striped texture with modern design.

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