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I suppose it isn’t really any surprise in a town where the summer population explodes with the influx of cottagers and warm weather that this area has it’s own harbour. A small one to be sure … I mean, the harbour is for pleasure craft rather than big ships, and you won’t find any cargo vessels here, just fast boats, personal watercraft, water-skiers, and lot of fun.

There is a local business that runs a tour boat out of the harbour – one that’s been popular for many years, and sometimes we’ll find the odd “out of town” tour boat that shelters in the harbour overnight, but normally the boats here are mostly cabin cruisers, occasionally a houseboat, and lots of speed boats, bow-riders, and small fishing boats. ¬†Our waters can be pretty well boat-covered over the summer months. And what that means is that you’d better know how to pilot that vessel before you head out on our lakes – safety is of the utmost important when it comes to boating.

A short distance from the harbour is a smaller bay where the old “Yacht Club” is located. Now, this is not really what most people might think of when they think “yachts”, it’s really just a sailing club for smaller sailboats, and they run a course that teaches folks how to sail smaller sail boats. There’s also an organized rowing club, and several wind boarding classes, kayaking, and canoeing groups that are run locally. The rowing club has competed well in many competitions, and locally is considered one of the top crews. And of course, for those who just want some relaxing fun on the water, there’s always the popular paddle-boats and row-boats.

Nearby where our two lakes join at an area known as “the narrows” are several large marinas, where large boats are moored in a covered harbour, with their own dock area. Looking at the largest of these marinas, it rather reminds me of a summer “trailer/camp” park, where vacationers stop for camping. Except of course, it’s on the water. It has a similar layout to permanent campground – several “lots”, with small roads to go from one section to another, a camp store to buy essentials. The marina is pretty similar, except these “lots” are on the water.

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