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As with the adults, these stockphotos are just kids doing the things kids do – kids at play, kids at the park, kids doing homework. And naturally, all of these children belong to someone. In truth, many of these photos are of my grandchildren throughout various stages of their lives, but some are just Trio of images whit children showing see, hear and speak no at public events or places. Editorial use is allowed, but please don’t use photos of children in any derogatory way (like don’t make fun of them, okay? Don’t be a web bully.)  If you want to do something other than editorial use with these, please contact me for permission, and if you need to use these commercially, you’ll need to get a model release from me. If they’re my family, I can get one (or already have one), if they aren’t, then I probably can’t. (NOTE: the above image is available in full size in the thumbnails below.)  The galleries are broken into three separate categories: one for boys and girls doing things together, like sports or play; one for just boys, and one for just girls. The boys only or girls only can be found on separate pages.



Young girl and boy running along sandy beach.

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