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January 3rd, 2014

A few years back, my time was pretty limited since I spent a lot of it with my elderly Aunt.  She ended up being hospitalized after a bad fall, and neither being at her place (or the hospital) allowed me to spend time at the computer or in the studio.  So when life hands you lemons, you try to make some lemonade.  While I was at her place I used a little time taking some interior shots of her home to add to my “Interiors” collection.  I wasn’t well prepared for shooting indoors since I don’t carry around my lighting kit out of habit, but some of them aren’t bad, and she has an interesting home. Some of the shots I set aside to isolate for .png files, so those that were suitable will be on the appropriate .png page.

One of my favourite images is the photo of a collection of vintage, antique and modern (mostly old stuff though) blue willow china (both the cabinet and china are my own – or were – a lot of it has been sold since I took this photo). It’s displayed in an old kitchen cupboard – this piece is two individual pieces “married” to make one. The bottom half was an old jelly cupboard (circa 1850) and the top is a section from an old bake table. Although the focus of the photo is the china, I think part of it’s effectiveness is due to the cabinet it’s displayed in. While the photo itself isn’t the best quality (old camera with not much pixel depth) it remains one my favorites – there’s something about the way the china looks against the warm honey color of the cabinet and the background of old brick that is attractive.
Other interior shots include some hotel lobbies – some rather generic but in particular is decorated in a colour and style that I’d love to have in my own home if I had no hubby to object. The lobby decorated in black and white (with zebra rug) and touches of a puce-toned yellow – the exact colour of my forsythia in the backyard. I love the combination. I think I spent more time looking at the lobby at this hotel than I spent using the room.

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