Stock Photos – Holidays and Events

Christmas Season Stock-Photos

I just wanted to share a little word about some of these holiday images. Most of the Christmas ones have come from items I’ve owned in the past (and some I still own), and are some of my favourite things to put out at the Christmas season. Right at the moment, I have a bunch of other Christmas stock photos sitting in files ready to process, I just haven’t had time to work on all of those, but there are some new ones this year!¬†If you’ve been here before, you will find at least a few newer images in the Christmas section.


Stock Photos for Valentine’s Day

¬†Although Valentine’s day seems to be one of the popular holidays throughout the year, it’s not one that my husband and I celebrate much. Not that we aren’t still in love or anything, but it’s one of the minor holidays for us, maybe because we express our feelings all the time and just don’t feel the need for a special day to do that. We exchange cards because “it’s the thing to do”, and sometimes I’ll get flowers, but I may be one of the lucky ones … my husband buys me flowers regularly “just because”, he doesn’t wait for special days to do that.

Halloween and Thanksgiving

There’s not much to offer here at the moment … I guess we’re just not that into these holidays. Oh, we do Thanksgiving but in Canada it’s in early October, rather than late November. When our kids were small, we did the full turkey dinner thing, but with our kids all grown up and our grandkids getting ready to head off to college, everyone pretty much does their own thing. That weekend is the end of the racing season here, and they’re often away at the races. My husband and I, well, we’ve done our own thing for several years now. Much of the time the Thanksgiving weekend sports beautiful sunny weather and surroundings bursting with the colours of fall. It’s nice to just get out to one of the weekend events and not have to cook a big meal and clean up the mess. Gettin’ way too old for that!
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