Stock Photos – Fungus, Trees and Shrubs

Trees … one of the things that make our surroundings comfortable, and beautiful. While I know intellectually that trees serve a useful purpose in terms of helping to give us breathable air, there really is a lot more to them than that. They provide nesting places and food for birds (and even those pesky squirrels and chipmunks), they provide shade on a hot day; some (fruit trees) even provide food suitable for human consumption. Some are harvested for their wood (to make buildings and furniture, and even paper), while some are used to power our fireplaces and campfires.

Trees have been part of the human history. Imagine a world with none? I can’t. I can’t even imagine what the world would look like without these tall spires reaching to the sky, or the spreading canopies of leaves touching each other as they arch over city streets. Most large cities don’t have enough trees, which is one of the reasons (among many others) that I prefer to live in smaller towns and near country areas.

Our new house has a tiny lot – only 35′ wide and 60′ deep, but some of the first things I planted here were trees and shrubs. At the side of the house, a Lilac, and across the backof the lot, a Pussy Willow, A forsythia, another Lilac and against the fence a Trumpet vine wich all but covers the fence and has gorwn up above the height of the fence. Over the few years we’ve been here, the growth of these shrubs and trees have gotten to thepoint where they now provide some much needed shady spaces in the little back yard. You see, the yard is very hot – it almost has it’s own micro-climate. Three sides are surrounded by tall wood fencing, the fourth is the back of the house … red brick. Because we’re old and the yard is smallish, we decked the entire back yard at ground level (so, not a raised deck), except for a small space along the back where I have the trees planted. With the space literally enclosed, the heat builds up back there … we’ve seen days where it’s a balmy 70 degrees out at the front porch, but the outdoor thermometer in the back yard reads 110 (or more) degrees.

Without some trees and tall shrubs to provide shade, we’d never be able to use that space. Anyhow … onto the free stock photos.

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