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Stock Photos – Flowers, Grasses and Plants

This is probably going to be one of the largest pages in the stock photos section; probably because I’ve been such an avid gardener since I was a kid (and that’s a pretty long time). My gardens have ranged from large veggie plots on a farm (my uncle’s place), to indoor pots/buckets/ baskets and whatever else I could stuff seeds into (in our first apartment) to a “mostly flower” garden that covered about 1600 square feet of our front and back, and side yards. In our current home, there really is almost no space to garden in. The lot is quite narrow (25′) and not very long (maybe 50′ from road to back fence) and the house covers most of it. The first year we lived here, I didn’t have much in the way of a garden. There was a raised stone planting area at the edge of the front porch that had creeping juniper. I yanked that out in a hurry. Mostly because it smells nasty (almost skunk-like sometimes), and it’s somewhat prickly, and I didn’t want my grandchildren getting stung by it. I replaced it with pieces of Hosta plants I brought from my old house. That same fall, we began working on front garden that stretched down the edge of the driveway and about halfway into our lawn. It’s not as big as it sounds – I think at it’s widest spot it might be 4′, but as it goes down towards the road it narrows. The front yard isn’t very wide because part of that 25′ lot width is taken up with the driveway, and a stone walkway we had put in to widen the driveway.

That was almost 5 years ago now (2009). We had to do something because I had tons of pots and boxes sitting in the backyard with pieces of the perennials I brought from our old house. I couldn’t leave them over the winter without digging them in somewhere.

Last year, we had our entire backyard covered with a ground level wooden deck, except for a small bit along the back fence where I had already planted the forsythia, the pussy willow, and the trumpet vine I willfully dug up from our other place. The trumpet vine came from my mother’s house, the forsythia from my aunt’s place, and the pussy willow was a gift from my husband … and I wasn’t leaving them behind. Two years ago before the deck went in, my grandchildren planted pole beans, spinach, peppers, and cucumbers back there under the trees. Now, there’s not much room back there to grow any produce. Except in containers.

There has been no home that we’ve lived in where I didn’t have some sort of garden. There are times when I miss the 1600 square feet of space I used to have but as I get older, I don’t miss the 8 hours a day it took to weed that garden.



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