Stock Photos – Ducks & Geese

Skirting the edges of our small city are several areas of wildlife refuge, and here one can find many different types of wildlife. Because we literally live right at the edge of the city, we are only a few minutes away from an area known as the Geo. Langman Wildlife Sanctuary. Here there is a large wetland and pond where ducks and geese can take refuge. The area is protected from hunters, but open to the public. Sometimes the unschooled public can be almost as bad for the creatures found here. Eventually signs were erected about feeding the inhabitants. Things like bread and crackers (contrary to what some people think) are not good for any of these critters. If you want to feed them, the only thing they allow are greens (like lettuce) and some raw vegetables (like corn, or carrots).  Bread products fill up the birds, particularly when wet, and then they have no room left to eat the type of foods that power their bodies.

We’ve been visiting this sanctuary since our own children were small. Back then, not many people were aware it existed, and most of the time we were alone, save for the birds and small forest creatures like chipmunks. Today, with a much wider web presence and more local promotion, the sanctuary has become a busy place, and one where you can watch the interaction between bird and foul species. In a way, I miss the “old days” where people were few and the sanctuary was quiet, save for the call of birds. I used to wander here myself, for hours on end, the sole human. At very hot times of the day, the peace and the silence was something I looked forward to … a break from a busy life in a noisy neighbourhood.





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