Stock Photos – Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are found in every community, from the largest cities to the smallest towns, and in some cases, even in the middle of a country field. The buildings on this page run the gamut from places like offices, to restaurants, to industrial plants and everything in between. There are large mirrored buildings reflecting their surrounds, as well as churches, educational buildings, and sports complexes … including a couple of large stadiums. And of course, a couple of the buildings from one of the Google complexes. Since Google has offices all over the world, and in many cities in the US, it would be nearly impossible to visit them all. The ones shown here are part of the headquarters complex, which itself is spread out around California, and not located on one piece of property.

Part of the grounds at Berry College.Probably one of my favourite photo-op places would be Berry College in Georgia. The school itself was An old Millhouse on the grounds of the forested area at Berry College, Rome, Georgia.started around 1902, but several of the buildings on the grounds are older than that. The property itself is enormous – reported to be about 27,000 acres (yes, you read that right, no it isn’t a typo). I spent most of a day there, just wandering around the different areas and taking photos. Many areas are park-like, without much in the way of buildings but with ponds and nature areas, while other areas contain a variety of buildings. High, high up on the “mountain” is another set of buildings, all very old and constructed of wood. Original schoolrooms, with old school desks still inside. ┬áThe property and grounds are simply amazing, really. It’s beautifully kept, and one could go back there every day for a week, and still not have seen it all. The best time to visit is in early fall, just as foliage has reached the stage where it holds all the colours of nature … some spaces are literally breathtaking on a sunny day.



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