Stock Photos: Children – Boys

These free stock photos for use in your blog articles are images of boys (toddlers, and school-aged) during every day life. Some doing homework, eating snacks, reading books and being involved in sports. ┬áPlease be careful of the way you use these photos. Children had a difficult enough time keeping their self-confidence in today’s world, what with school or neighbourhood bullies … the last thing we need is more people becoming web bullies.

Black and white text with red circle  for no bullying.

Don’t use these pictures in memes, or in ways that make fun of the child in the photo. Please do use them for articles on children’s feelings, growth, self-improvement, children’s activities, education or parenting.

There are separate pages for girls, and for boys & girls playing together (also a separate page for adults, which may include adults and children together, either playing games or doing family activities).



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