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Some of the most used and photos from my collections are those of books and newspapers. A lot of bloggers and writers pen articles related to news, or to movies, so I suppose images of newspapers are the useful for their article thumbs, and even headers.  Many of the book images are from different bible editions – mostly because I own many different types. Some are old, and have beautiful colour artwork included, others have line illustrations and some are children’s versions.

I am (and always have been) a voracious reader, so over the years I’ve owned a of books – both soft and hard cover. When we moved about five years ago I sold off a monstrous number of my paperbacks and some of my hardcover books as well. Moving books in cartons in heavy work, and I’d read them so many times it seemed like a good idea to share them with others. I had a box of old books that were my dad’s and they smelled like old books – slightly musty. Some of the books were tales from the mid 1800s – a little harder reading because of the language used during that time period, but I read them all – every single one of them.  Some were classics (like Wuthering Heights) and some were poetry (Robbie Burns – that was tough reading); none of them were reference books. I guess my dad wasn’t big on study. My biggest regret was selling of a collection off hardcover books by H. Rider Haggard. These were pretty old, with green cloth style covers and gold text, but the stories he wrote have always stood the test of time. Such is the mark of an excellent story teller. I loved those books. The tales of adventure (King Solomon’s Mines; She; Montezuma’s Daughter; Allan Quartermain (who figured largely in many of his books); She and Allan; The Brethren; The People of the Mist) … there were roughly 18 or 20 books in the set I had, although he wrote more books than that. I wish now that I’d kept them.

One of my other favourite authors from “long ago” is Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose writing career began with short stories and series published in magazines. My older cousin introduced me to the work of Mr. Burroughs when I was about 13, by handing over his set of books about Mars (predominantly featuring “John Carter” and his Martian spouse “Dejah Thoris”) … and I was hooked. I’ve never actually had the first book in the series, and over the years some of the bindings on these old paperbacks have deteriorated pretty badly. A couple of the books are held together with rubber bands now. I’ve been searching for replacements, and the few books in the series that I’ve always been missing, and although there are reprints around of these books, the cover art is not of the same period as the ones I have, and someday, I’d really like to complete the set, but it’s proving much more difficult to find the missing books with the correct cover art than I ever anticipated it would be.

Modern day favourites include Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Robin Cook,  Dan Brown, Peter Straub, Lillian Jackson Brown (love her cat stories … “The Cat Who” series in particular), Michael Crichton, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs, and a newly discovered author (for me) Kathy Reichs who wrote a series of books about a forensic anthropologist (sound familiar? It should if you watch TV – the series “Bones” is based on her novels’ character)  … I have to admit there are many modern writers whose work I read. One other favourite, that probably not many have heard of since she is self-published is Emily Ann Roesly – I have three of her books and I have read them over and over and over … and I’ll never part with them. If you haven’t read her yet, and you like fiction with a touch (just a touch mind you) of the paranormal, you might enjoy her work.

Anyway … you’ve come to this page looking for a stock photo right? I guess you didn’t need to know all that … images below, so happy blogging!

Author: J. Gracey Stinson


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