Papers and Cards

Stock photos of a variety of papers, free for use in blogs, websites and other projects, like games or 3D software. Some of these papers are vintage – several of the newspapers in particular are noteworthy. My father-in-law had tucked some away in the 1960s that related to the assassination of J.F.K, and my grandmother had held onto old receipt books for policies long dead.  It’s funny what people keep. Although I didn’t upload it, when cleaning out my dad’s junk papers after he died, I found a grocery receipt from the 1950s too.

Keep in mind that you can use these for free (a link would be really nice, but isn’t required for you to use them) but you cannot claim copyright on them – “free for use” doesn’t mean copyright free, it just means you have permission to use them free of charge. You also can’t use these on a website where you provide free images to others, they need to be used for illustrative purposes or within other image projects of your own. I don’t expect folks to scrape pages full of other people’s pictures then make a website out of them. You also can’t hotlink to the images, just download the ones you need, and upload them to your own server.

If you really need one of more of these for some sort of special project that you don’t think falls under the use guidelines, just send me an email. For the most part, when people ask, I’m pretty lenient with allowance for use.

Thanks for understanding.


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