Food: Fruit

Fruit is one of those food items that almost everyone loves. Some, however, love almost all fruits, while others (like me) are sort of picky about what fruit we’ll eat. Oddly enough, while I love the flavours of most types of berries … I hate the texture of berries in my mouth. To get the nutritional goodness from berries, I toss a bunch into my breakfast shakes .

I like “ordinary” fruit, like apples, bananas, pears, most grapes and most of the melons. Although I like mandarin oranges, and clementines, I don’t like regular oranges. Kind of weird I guess. It isn’t so much I don’t like them as I hate peeling them, and dislike the white stuff (the lining of the skin) that sticks to them.

I love grapefruit (particularly the ruby red or pink), but can no longer eat them because of the medication I’m on. One of my blood pressure meds doesn’t work if you eat grapefruit … another weird fact of life. You can eat oranges, just not grapefruit.

I’ll eat peaches if they’re cut up and frozen in water, but not fresh peaches. I won’t each things like avocado, papaya, or pineapple. I don’t mind the flavours, but I can’t get past the texture in my mouth. I don’t like figs or dates, but will eat raisins if they’re used in some type of baking. My mother used to love rhubarb … I hate it (always have). Rhubarb isn’t something that’s commonly “liked”. In fact, except for my mother, and one of my cousins … I don’t actually know anyone else who really likes it, but being as this is an area that was once farm country … it grows prolifically in our area.

So I’m sure all of that is way more than you ever wanted to know about my fruit tastes but it does help explain why the types of fruit photos are fairly limited on this page. I only buy what we’ll eat, because otherwise it goes to waste. My daughter buys things like avocado and papaya and some of the other fruits, so I’m hoping to flesh out things a little when I get a chance at her house.



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