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At the moment you’ll note that there aren’t very many free images here yet. I’m working on it though, lol.  My own “drink” of choice is usually coffee or water, but sometimes a diet rootbeer (A&W makes the best one without any weird after-taste) or in the evening a steaming cup of flavoured herbal tea.  Neither my husband nor I are much into other types of drinks (of the liquor kind I mean) which is probably why most of the bottles we have are still unopened and full. To be honest, some of them were “inherited”.

My parents’ had the traditional 1970s “bar in the den” stocked with all manner of things, from a variety of wines (my dad always had bottles of Chianti … ugh. So dry I couldn’t get it down my throat at all) and beers to a large variety of regular stock, and flavoured liqueurs.  A lot of what they had was “gifted” to my dad by truckers coming up to Canada out of the US, where the head office of the company my dad worked for was located. I don’t know why, but they’d bring all kinds of things and give them to dad … it’s not like he was a biggie in the company, he was the shipping manager so he worked at the loading dock office, but … people just liked my dad – no, they loved him.

Anyway, when he passed away, and my mom went into a nursing home, my sister and I had to clean out the house. I didn’t really want the stuff from the bar, but sister didn’t want all of it either, so we split it. Much of what you’ll see in the photos of bar stock below was the stuff I inherited … so, the 12-year old scotch is now over 20 years old, but to be honest, I don’t know how long my dad had it either.

As for the rest … we definitely aren’t beer drinkers (my husband might have one or two a year) so, meh … I’m not planning to buy a case just to take pictures of.  I guess if we have some event in the next year where we need to buy some, that’s when you’ll see some here.



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