Food: Baked Goods

Baked goods are something I love to eat, but alas, too much isn’t good for you – not for your body, nor for your health. Often baked goods contain a lot of sugar and carbohydrates and too much of a good thing really can be “too much”. Even too much bread isn’t that good for you … the best option for adding baked goods to your menu is by following the basic food guide recommendations.

Unfortunately, for me (and going against food guide recommendations) in my books … birthday cake is it’s own “food group” and I can eat way more of it than I actually should eat because, well, I consider it my “favourite food group”. My family gets quite a chuckle out of that and sometimes on my birthday, they buy me my own separate birthday cake I don’t have to share with anyone. Truth-be-told … if I manage to finish it in a week, I’m pretty sick of it by then.



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