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November 10th, 2013

A series of images on transparent backgrounds of stuff that usually belongs outside, or is found outside, like cars, monuments, exterior architectural details like windows and doors, signs, and other miscellaneous stuff you might find as you wander around any city or town.

For the moment, a lot of what’s on this page are older images, but I’ve got a heap of them waiting to be isolated onto to transparent backgrounds, so as the rest of the site gets posted back up, I’ll soon (hopefully) be able to get around to completing some of the hundreds of image edits I’ve got waiting. It’s easy to get the photos, but takes time to isolate them properly, and lately, time isn’t something I’ve got a lot extra of. So, there’s more to come … just as soon as I get to it.

Some of these images came from our first trip (perhaps 8 year ago now) to Rome, Georgia. In particular, the angel statuary – they came from one of the local cemeteries there. A couple of the doors came from there too (Berry College grounds), but most of the rest came from our local area – particularly the tractors and farm stuff. I live in an area where there are still a lot of farms, but not so many of them are working farms anymore. ┬áSad, really that those who produce some of the products we (as humans) need the most are having the hardest time making a living wage.

Funny how easy it is to get off topic…



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