PNG Miscellanous Stuff

November 26th, 2013

Here’s the rest of the .png files. Miscellanous stuff I just don’t know where else to put, otherwise often called “odds and sods”. Once again, most of these were meant to be used in HO games but you can use them anywhere else that works for you. Some of these items have a bit of a personal attachment; the leather baby boots belonged to my cousin’s son (c. 1974);  the sewing box belonged to my grandmother (and I still use it); the burgundy bible is mine (yes, still being used daily too); the cameo pin belonged to my great aunt (died in her 99th year!).  By far the most sentimental pieces are the boxing gloves and boots. These belonged to my father-in-law who was a boxer. He won the Golden Gloves championship while serving in the Cdn. Navy and was later initiated into the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame.

And, partway down the page here, you’ll even find an old wooden soap box. When I first saw this box (parts of it have broken off) it sort of tickled my fancy a little … I guess these old boxes might be where that old phrase came from “get off your soap box”. I could picture some old fellow turning the box upside down and stepping on top to have his say, so for any of you who write opinion pieces, well the soap box just might work for you!


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