PNG Inside Stuff

I suppose the page title says it all … this page is just a bunch of stuff you might find indoors. I know what you’re thinking – well what some of you are thinking. What would I use this for? A lot of my visitors might have very little use at all for these things, but I know for a fact that there are people who do the creative art for various 3D type games that have been using some of this stuff. I know that because I’ve seen some of them in the games. The first time (a few years back) the designer had emailed me to ask if it was okay to use the images in a game that would be a commercial product, and they sent me a link to download the game (just a trial version). So I played the game up to the time limit and was delighted to see some of my “things” being used in some of the scenes. A couple were in the “hidden object” areas where you find an object, but some were in the background scene as well.

I’ve purchased a lot of HO games over the last few years (no, not to just see if my stuff is there, lol) because I like the idea that the games have a story, along with the gaming play. They’re usually simple in terms of how they work, have puzzles, make you think (sometimes outside the box) and keep your mind occupied. Even my husband’s getting into them. But, the point of pages with .png files containing stuff like furniture or lamps or even a desk or chair is to provide some alternate pieces for the art designers cause in some games you see the same stuff over and over and over again. I’m not complaining because the work involved in those games is not simple, nor fast. But a little diversity can go a long way. And no, it doesn’t mean you can’t use them if you don’t create games. If you’ve got another or different project where you can use these, then terrific – please do.


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